Really gone off movies. Can’t concentrate when I’m on my own - can if someone else is there. Pretty weird

When it’s just me I can’t focus on a movie. Watch 5 minutes then quit. But I reckon if I went to the pictures with a pal I could concentrate on the movie.

Maybe this is a motivational problem?


I have a similar issue.
I’ve attempted going with others and it helped but still did not get through the whole movie
the movie has to be like super duper amazing

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Thing is I have bought loads of dvds and I feel they are now a waste of money.

I guess you can try to watch with others and see how it goes…
might be ok.

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My nephew, who is a student, used to come round for movie nights. It was great I could sit through 3 movies with him and enjoy it.

On my own I can’t watch anything

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sorry to hear that @anon94176359

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Thanks @anon90843118. I can still watch sports and enjoy music so I am still lucky

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