Really desperate to give up smoking

Really desperate to give up smoking. I want to freeze my eggs and you’re not meant to smoke for three months before freezing them.

Bought a vape and it’s leaking. Not getting on well with vapes make me want to smoke more.

Just given up for two hours. Would appreciate support. Want to update you on how I’m doing.

It’s awefullly hard but it is possible. Have you tried champix/chantix? It can make some a little sick but I found it surprisingly easy to give up on it. It really helped me so maybe have a chat to your general doctor about some options. I know others use nicotine replacement to give up so a gp is a good way to go.

I was on Champix and there was a national shortage. Now o Zyban that works the same. Thanks for tips.

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I stopped smoking after being a heavy smoker for a lot of years. The final straw was that I started to lose my teeth because of smoking.

Before going back to smoking, I would discuss it with someone who supports your quit.

I support your quit!

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ThanksI’m getting support off help me quit line.

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I hope you can do it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t give up on quitting.

Unless you really feel you can’t do it then it’s okay

I support you all the way

Maybe you can do whatIdid. Get a little machine and roll your own. Making your own makes you mindful of each smoke. It’s also less nicotine which makes it easier to quit.

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Are you in the US?

Call this bomber for FREE stop smoking aid and emotional support.

I already roll my own.

No I’m in the UK.

Thanks. Hope I can do it to.

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Buy a pod vape. My pod vape doesnt leak, its a Uwell Caliburn, its pretty cheap like 30$cad. Mine is 2yrs old and still working.

Its this one but in black. I think they have a bigger model too called Caliburn G.

Try L Theanine or NAC 2 help U breathe if U decide 2 quit smoking.

I just break my lighter every time I wanna quit lol. Just makes it difficult or impossible to smoke at times

If I take a shower, I can’t much smoke for that time I’m in the running water.

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