Can’t quit cigarettes,got myself a new vape

I got myself 25mg nicotine salt with uwell’s caliburn podmod.Love it very much…I used to vape on Juul,but tbh it’s very expensive…refillable vape is so much cheaper


I quit smoking with Juul just a couple weeks ago.

I’m down to one cigarette every night now.

Its really helped me cut back.

Good luck to you.


Refilling is cheaper than Juul. i have a Smok Novo which uses pods that slide in and hold 5ml. The rlacment posts are 12$ for 3 and you can get ceramic instead of cotton wick. I love how small mine is, convenient like a Juul but refillable.

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Just keep trying. You’ll be able to quit someday

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do they have nicotine free vape? maybe thats how you could stop smoking eventually?


That’s how I plan to stop nicotine.

Right now I’m at 5% cartridge,

I’ll go down to 3%,

Then down to just the juice.

I’m pretty sure they make them nicotine free.


Yes you can get 0% nicotine juices. i like trying new flavors. I quit smoking 5 years ago but picked up vaping last fall. The nicotine soothes me.


Omg that’s 50 nicks bro

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Its stated 25mg/ml.Juul 5% is 59mg/ml,while the 3% is 35mg/ml

Alls I’m saying is you could have done it with Chantix. I suspect you like to smoke and continue. From what you’ve said just admit to that and you may as well smoke. I don’t see the difference with nictotine delivery systems but I’m not up to speed with these vapes.

Is nicotine in them?

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Yes there is nicotine…I even bought a gum to try to quit.I wanted to vape and was using juul two months before I bought this new vape.The thing is,juul makes me nauseas and vomit after 2-3days as it contains very high level of nicotine.Now I am on half the amount of nicotine I used on juul,i enjoy it but I know it will cause harm on my physical body in the long run…I am quite miserable,so I don’t really mind dying a little early…probably have depression

Mate. I’ve been there.

Get serious if you want to give up. Chantix/champix is seriously good tech. It’s like a partial antagonist…if I got that right. It bounces off your nicotine receptors and confuses them to say they are activated. Nicotine just inflames what 1/3 rd of the population has in nicotine receptors. You said you did it so go back and do it.

Otherwise smoke. There’s no in between is all’s i"m saying. I smoked from 14 to 39 a pack a day. I know nicotine addiction. It was cost for me. I got sick of paying for killing myself slowly.


I switched to vaping and haven’t smoked a cig in a 1 1/2 months am almost ready to quit vaping as well never thought id have the will power to do so as of right now I have no urge for a cigs and I another thing I love how my apt doesn’t smell like smoke my clothes don’t smell either


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