Really convincing scam email

I just got a really convincing scam email. It was on my student account, and appeared to be from the student accounts office, about applying for a grant for people affected by Covid. It was really professional looking, but when I clicked on the application, the only things on the form were my name, date of birth, social security number, credit card, and billing address. Luckily I realized that was not anything that would be on a form about a governmental grant. Otherwise, it was very convincing. Kind of unnerving how realistic it was. Just want to alert any other students out there in case they get the same scam email.


that’s crazy. i would have probably fell for it.


I’ve been getting scam emails recently that look pretty realistic and like they are from Amazon but they’re scam emails. The scammers are getting very clever.


My mom recently got scammed by a fake Amazon phone number and she called them for support and they got permission to her computer and stole like 300 bucks. She finally contacted the real Amazon and also her bank and got it remedied but it was the first time she got scammed.

One thing I notice about scam e-mails is they often come in different languages or with obvious errors in spelling.


I work with computers for a living and have seen first hand how far these kinds of scams have come just over the last few years. It’s no longer Nigerian princes straight up asking for a “loan” and promising to pay you back tenfold. It’s highly specific to the victim’s recent online activity and lacks a lot of the tells of a traditional scam (ie. Misspellings, odd looking logos, weird spacing, etc) This is one of the more advanced ones I’ve heard of.

You should absolutely notify your school so they can send out a mass email warning people not to click on the link. It probably went out to others in your school too. Not everyone will be clever enough to catch it like you did.

If you have an antivirus program, I’d run a scan. Given everything you’ve mentioned, I highly doubt this incident has caused any kind of security breach on your end. Plus you didn’t provide any info (Good on you!). But if you have antivirus there’s no harm in scanning just in case. That said, if you’re not having any other issues, there’s likely no need to go and download antivirus program, just if you already have a reputable one.


I did run a virus scan and it looks clear.

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Great news! And nice catch!

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