Cautionary Tale 10101010

I’ve fallen for many scams

not sure what I was thinking

I lost all my savings that was going to go for my daughter’s college

more recently they said they were from Microsoft

and wanted to repair my puter

I gave them all access

then they wanted 300 dollars

I never paid, but it was hell for a long time

I had a guy from Nevada send me a blank check

and asked me to fill it out to pay

I’m almost certain he was disabled too. sad.


I recently got an email that looked like it was from Bank of America. Something was a little off about it asking for my information, though, so i called the 1-800 customer service number and asked about it. They said it was a scam. People trying to get my information. You can’t trust anybody these days.

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yeah, I need Phil to help me with this

to protect me

two minds are better than one.

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The “computer repair” scam happened to a family member of mine as well as to a friend of mine. In both cases they granted access to their computers to the scammer. it was big mess. Those computer scams are unfortunately running rampant.

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If we don’t recognize a telephone number on our caller ID, we will not answer.
Too many scammers out there.


I’m the same way. I only answer numbers i recognize.

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