Really? A murder nightmare on xmas?

Thanks brain :unamused: In my dream I was walking to class when I saw two young boys, probably between like 12-14 pull out two guns in the middle of a crowd. Everyone was screaming and running away. While the boys were distracted I ended up coming up behind them and wrestling both of them to the ground. In the process I got one of the guns and then shot them both repeatedly in the head and neck. They didn’t die immediately, instead twitching and groaning in pain. I felt terrible to have had to do that to them, but I felt it was the only way to neutralize the threat.

The police were called and an ambulance as well. Oddly, neither ever showed up. One of the boys survived, and ended up coming for me out of vengeance. The rest of the dream was a series of him coming after me, me killing him, and then him reviving and coming after me again. Sometimes he’d almost trick us, like when he said we could shoot him but then we’d find out he had a bomb on his back activated by gunfire…Each time I killed him it was brutal and horrible. At one point he turned into a rat that looked just like my rats but I still had to kill him by smashing him into walls, I felt terrible. Then, I cut off his rat head because I was so tired of him coming back.

I brought the corpse to the police, who had not responded to any calls of this dangerous boy who was packing numerous weapons. They were terrible police, who put in no effort and didn’t want to be involved. They were jerks. I ended up giving them a stern talking to and then eventually explaining to them what needed to be done. As I walked back home from that a weird little seed monster/Kakamora looking thing jumped out at me and the dream narrator said “legend says that when a spirit of vengeance is killed outside, it’s spirit enters the earth and becomes a-” blah blah. At this point I became lucid and was furious. I was like “are you KIDDING me how many times do I have to kill this kid?! No. I am not doing this again.” I picked him up and hurled him into a fire.

But then he just came back in human form. I remembered that excessive violence on my part never solves anything in the dream. So finally I said I wanted to understand this boy. He’d grown up heavily bullied and depressed, he apparently also was trans and always felt he was supposed to be a girl. As we were talking to him about therapy and other options that weren’t just killing people I was woken up for presents. I was a bit grumpy from having had to kill some kid over and over all night!! I really hate killing people in my dreams, it’s very sickening.

I hate violence. I had a dream a zombie was coming after me once and when I kicked it away it bit me, I almost pooped my pants.