The nightmares are back

last night I had another nightmare, one that I woke up after with a pounding heart and being frightened of anything that moved. Here is the dream:

I was in a wheelchair-don’t ask me why, I just was- and I was wheeling with my sister to school, and stayed with her for a while, then I went to wheeling to West High school in Salt lake, where I used to live. I walked close by a house I frequently had to pass, and this guy is standing there, pointing a shotgun at my head. I ran and somehow got into a house, where the inhabitants were all racists against white kids. One of them ran after me, shouting, “You fwuking white kid! I’ll blow your head off!” I ran outside and got a bike, then I commandeered it home, where I told my mom not to let anyone in. She asked me what I did and I told her I did nothing, that these people were after me for no reason. Suddenly they break in and try to shoot me, but end up hitting my dad, and then I grab my dad’s knife and ended up cutting their heads off.

I woke up with a pounding heart that wouldn’t quiet for a long time, and I was scared of anything that moved in the house, and I’m still a bit paranoid.

Dreams can definitely be frightening and triggering. I have bad dreams pretty frequently.

I used to write them down, and try to find some meaning to them. Then I realized that I’ve let a bad dream affect my entire waking day.

So I started a new approach of just letting them be. I stopped trying to remember them. I actually stopped even letting myself THINK about them. And I would just wake up and go about my day as positively as possible.

For me, this approach worked wonderfully. My dreams no longer trigger my paranoia or hallucinations. And I sleep better too. Without fear.

I hope that you can find a way to overcome these nightmares. You’d be surprised at how strong your mind is at combatting them!



thank you, anthony. Your advice helps me when I try it out. I’ll try this out and see if it helps.

as scary as it was , if you take control of a dream i.e. you manged to run away and even though your dad was shot you took control and cut their heads off , it means you are facing your fears, taking control of the situation, and dealing with a problem.
so actually though scary that was positive, good on you.
take care

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i had a nightmare i was raped. on the street. by some thugs.

I am sorry you are having dreams like this. I too write dreams down I have two different books for bad and good. I burn the bad one at the end of the year. I tend to burn a lot of things. :fire:

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so you’re a pyromaniac too?

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I tend to find fire very cleansing. Nothing really gets rid of the garbage like fire. Burnt outside in a metal pit under controlled conditions. I’m still a little cautious about fire as well.

oh, right. Sorry, J.

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No worries. I’ve been through a house fire when I was 14. I like fire but am still cautious.

Oh, okay. I’m still sorry you had to go through that.

@fear I have actually had that dream before when I was about ten and started filling out…