My first psychotic episode was 6 years ago and it was my only major one so far knock on wood

As you probably know, it took a while for me to get back to my new normal. Working on my schizophrenia with a therapist has made me realize that I was also codependent in relationships. For the last 6 years I’ve been working on both. I can’t always control the schiz but I am doing GREAT at the codependency.

However, it’s made me realize how messed up my marriage is. I have changed a lot of my behaviors but my husband is still his old self. I feel like recently I have made huge steps in being ok even if I’m alone and I’ve been really able to step back and look at things clearly.

I honestly think he has an undiagnosed mental illness. Makes sense. He decided to be with a codependent who was still working on controlling schizophrenia (we were not married when I had my break) and a healthy person would have run.

I have convinced him to get treatment so, for the next week I’m using ALL of my coping skills to keep things calm until he gets to a doctor. He is not a physical threat to me just so you know. I really hope they can start him on the right track so he can get better like I am.

We love each other very much so I know that we will always be in touch. I’m not certain the marriage will make it but that’s ok. He got me to doctors so I’ll get him to them and then life will go where it may. At least we will have been two ill people who left each other with a fighting chance for a healthy life and most likely a friendship of some sort for the rest of our lives.

I really do feel ok about all of this. I just wanted to share.

That makes me sad that you may not be able to work it out even though you love each other. It’s always sad when marriages dissolve.

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We might. Staying together is what I want but I can’t stay if he doesn’t get help for whatever he’s dealing with so we can stop being volatile.

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If after meeting his therapist he’s not getting better I’d try looking for a new one. There are many to choose from and he needs the best one for him

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Just wanted to say, his appointment went well. They think he may have PTSD (childhood abuse) so he’s been given a therapist who specializes in that and will meet with pdoc for some meds too.

Hopefully they help him.

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