Real Research Progress - getting closer to what causes Schizophrenia

Here’s the article:


This is really interesting.

About half the people in their schizophrenia sample had high levels of ubiquitin.

The researchers identified 20 brains of schizophrenic people that had more proteins and that were not able to dissolve in detergents, consequently. In comparison to the healthy brain controls, ubiquitin, a small protein, indicated that there’s protein buildup in neurodegenerative conditions. It was also found to be at an alarming level.

Even if that is just a contributing factor in half the cases, how great would that be if they could target it.


In my opinion its caused by dog shiit mainly lol. Contaminated water, food, and poor food preparation and hygiene. Unfortunately, there is no cure. The norovirus vaccine can only go so far. I have no proof or evidence right now but I’m pretty sure I’m right. When I’m proved correct, please send me money…

I’ve already gone into detail and provided the company that will supply the pills as pill form is more effective.

Out of a billion past lives, I’ve only been cured 2-3 times. I doubt I’ll live that long to experience the cure. Everyday is a constant fight and struggle.

I just get so mad and furious when I hear about schizophrenia research because its just crap. No pun intended…


Terms of research credibility ;
At least,the live sample should be examined Before the first medical intervention OR
during the period of final cessation of taken any medications,

And to make sure that the protein is present (releases )in the waking time and is completely hidden during the sleep time
(because,the person with sz,does not feel the sz or its activity behaviors during sleep,dream and lose of self-consciousness ,and this facts should match with the research results)

This means that,the sz’s events are active only during the waking time periods while the person (sample) is Alive,and all types of changes *whatever they are) occur only during the waking time as a result of sz’s activity ,and everything disappear completely during the sleep time ,
During the sleep time, the chemical balance prevails like any person without sz !

Give me your mind to understand these cunning tricks which underestimates /ignores with plausibility culture,it is impossible to diagnose the schizophrenia while the person is alive,it cannot be diagnosed in a live test animal,
So that,if it is reasonable to believe that there is a diagnosis of sz before it occurs or after death !

It is understood that,the sz does not cause realistic genetic disease (there is no genetic targets that can be corrected with medication to achieve final recovery)
While long-term treatment with med, causes a realistic disease that cannot be treated
So that,why not the new protein related the effect of medication !

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This is one of the repeated attempts to find any permanent anatomical or chemical change that precedes the sz existentially and causes it,and all similar attempts went to the storehouse of forgetfulness (what is said today and forgotten tomorrow )

The stranger phenomenon,everyday a new substance is discovered that is excreted in the brain, and it is accompanied by cheering and drumming as if it is the material body of the sz condition ( as a root origin of sz condition )

The number of these discoveries far exceeds the number of new galaxies that are discovered in the endless universe

Why sz results in mental / behavioral changes and Surprisingly does not cause neuronal cell death ?
We said before,the pathogen (hallucination /spoken transmitter,the heard voice,conscious parasite/ stranger psychological user /imaginary people …etc) is not human genetic expression or a production outputs of the human mental function or emotional ,it is independent emitter created from the absolute living energy ,have not a cellular, organic or chemical structure and there is no chemical metabolism outputs as a result of its functions

And above of all the pathogen does not emitted from the human neuron, because it is exists out side the brain cells ,and it does not use the cell components to any organic reproduction
because it is created from the pure energy and its number (2) do not changing throughout the chronological life of sz condition ,and it does not repeated itself like the gene or virus but it has seeks to achieves a cognitive reproduction in the memory of the human host ,so that there is no poison in the neuron cells !

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Within my opionion of my own experience’s of being a ‘Voice Hearer’ it’s the fact that you get ‘targeted or tagged’ in some way that’s ultimately why you from then on become a ‘voice hearer’.

I found it interesting that this research identified a possible physical / organic cause of schizophrenia which is in complete contrast to how schizophrenia is currently diagnosed. The present method of diagnosis relies upon the patient’s disclosure of symptoms, the symptoms being descriptions of various experiences of consciousness.

I think the main reason there is so much stigma associated with schizophrenia is because it is described as a “mental” illness instead of being what it is… A brain disease that involves gradual loss of brain cells over time and organic abnormalities such as described in this research.

If more people realized that schizophrenia is a brain disease then there would be less stigma and greater support for finding a cure.


Exactly what I think.


Yes I think so too.

But it will still have to go beyond this since it was only found in half of the patients with schizophrenia. A test that only identifies half of the people with the disease wouldn’t do … but it might still be used for screening, or for personalized medicine if a treatment for this problem with ubiquitin can be found - assuming it changes symptoms to have too much insoluble protien, which you would think it does, but that hasn’t been shown - yet.

I haven’t seen anything on drug development and ubiquitin with respect to schizophrenia. Probably because it’s such a new finding and I don’t think it’s been replicated yet. But they are researching drugs targeting the ubiquitin system in cancer. So it may be a thing they can do.

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From the wording of the article they seem to be talking about only a subset of Sz patients.

Yes, but ~50% is a big subset.

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Looks like someone else has had this finding too:

individuals with ‘treatment-resistant’ schizophrenia had higher levels of ubiquitinated proteins in erythrocytes compared to those with recent onset schizophrenia (p < 0.001, AUC = 65.5%) and controls (p < 0.001, AUC = 69.4%). The results could not be better explained by changes in proteasome activity, demographic, medication, or tissue factors. Our results suggest that ubiquitinated protein formation may be abnormal in both the brain and erythrocytes of those with schizophrenia, particularly in the later stages or specific sub-groups of the illness. A derangement in protein ubiquitination may be linked to pathogenesis or neurotoxicity in schizophrenia, and its manifestation in the blood may have prognostic utility.

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Nice find @twinklestars.

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Co-enzyme Q10 is also called ubiquitin, so should we take Q10 or not? Have any of you got experience with taking Q10?


The current generation remains thinking in the sz nature as ;
Sz is a mental illness and its the expressions outputs of the psychological functions
SZ is a genetic disease and its the expressions outputs of the genetic functions

And this means that,
1- the diagnosed symptoms material is A Result of mental illness (acquired)
2- The symptoms of sz is A Result of genetic disease (inherited )

In all cases,there is inability to find the disease material,pathogen or known the hidden mechanisms
While the next generation will think about the sz nature as following;
A stranger pathogen causes a symptoms look like a symptoms of mental illness or genetic disease (a symptoms without disease)

And this means that,
1-the changes,disorders and all types of symptoms are A result of the activity of a stranger pathogen
2-The change,disorder and symptoms are not self origin and did not rooted from defective gene , anatomical changes, personal mental functions or from the effect of environmental conditions
3- The sz condition in itself is not a disease or illness in root origin ,but it is from the category of the parasitic conditions (because the pathogen is not genetic or psychological )

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That’s a great question. I googled it and it seems CoQ is sometimes called ubiquinol, not ubiquitin. I don’t think the two are related but I don’t know enough about it to say.

I did not find any study that published results on coQ10 and schizophrenia. There have been studies in schizophrenia that did not publish results, but I have only seen published results for bipolar.

Oh, and no I don’t take this, not because I think it’s bad but I just haven’t seen any published studies on it so I don’t know if it would be useful or not.

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Regard with the phenomena called hearing voices or auditory hallucinations …etc
Let’s be clear;
In reality,there is no any physical phenomenon related the voices or hearing to them at all !

The question;
what is the nature of the phonetic material that a person listens to in isolation from all external listeners ?

For him,it is a realization process of the idea’s concept by a new audible phonetic mechanism,that it is planned and implemented by independent transmitter called hallucination

“Hearing voices” in reality is a perception of the mental concept by stranger audible-phonetic mechanism
In practice,it seems as a phonetic reading to the cognitive text meaning which is implicitly in the elctrochemical signal which was received by the receptors

The hallucination’s pathogen has repeats the idea that you understood in the current time throughout an audible-phonetic mechanism that does not occur in 99% from the mankind

The phonetic material,auditory process, perception and storage in the memory all together in single process without making any mental effort by the person !