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On my NHS records it says schizoaffective but I am going to go with the private consultants dx and accept it’s bipolar. Hopefully If I continue with meds I will not experience psychosis ever again. Over the past 7.5 years after the schizophrenia dx the only things that have effected me has been really terrible anxiety and mood shifts.

In America they are keen on sz affective diagnosis. It is pretty interchangeable these days as most people with schizophrenia suffer from depression and psychosis can be pretty manic. My American shrink wanted to lable me that…because I have serious unipolar depression but over here in Oz I’m just paranoid sz.

You hang around a board like this long enough you’ll get a clue to how you travel. It’s no biggie…diagnsosis can change and treatment is the thing. If they are the same medications then I guess we’re all in the same boat!

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@rogueone I’ve been here over 5 years. I was on the old boards too. I just think with no psychosis in this long I can drop feeling like it’s schizophrenia. It’s more to do with what I can do to help recovery. The more I read the more I learn.

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Do you still get positive symptoms? That is the difference…

I still get positives even on medication and I’ve had multiple episodes…that locks me away for life. You do over six months etc it’s usually a good sign!

Trust your doctors…a decent one will know what is up!

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No delusions , no hallucinations in 7.5 years. I got the odd paranoia but that was anxiety ?:thinking:

Both feed each other…it’s no drama. As I say, it’s different on different continents…but it’s still about the meds. If your taking an antipsychotic then your in the ball park. I’d trust the professionals. A good shrink knows their stuff!

As someone who’se been gone and returned it’s no drama. We all travel different paths. Some things remain the same…some change…meanwhile do what you’ve got to do!


I take 5 mg abilify which apparently does not make it an antipsychotic.

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What type of bipolar disorder do you think you have? e.g. 1, 2 or cyclothymia.
Even sub therapeutic doses of antipsychotics can be helpful for bipolar.
I had my medication changed yesterday by the doctor to Chlorpromazine with 20mg Fluoxetine, I have mainly anxiety problems, but I have got a past diagnosis of Psychosis even though I never really heard voices.

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I think it’s type one cos I’ve had psychosis.