Reading club update April

So it’s been a while but still reading everyday and doing better. Finished off the first Shannara series. It was okish but nothing like Tolkien.

Ended up getting a $2 copy of Crime and Punishment by that russian dude. Was an interesting read and It wasn’t exactly easy but it was worth it. Very interesting the Russian take on things and it’s nice to read some good literature…

This month I’m reading The day of the Triffids. Classic sci fi by Wyndam. It’s great and enjoying it and I just downloaded on my kindle the First in Le Guins Earthsea books. I also bought the Brothers Karmazov by Dostoyevsky for some serious reading…

So what have you been reading peeps? I’m always on the lookout for great sci fi/fantasy and some good literature…lets know what your reading and recommend!


Wow! I wish I had time to read. I just read student news articles for my job. I used to read a lot: David Copperfield, Madame Bovary, For Whom the Bells Toll, Sherlock Holmes, amongst others. I wish I could read again. Sounds like fun!!


I just checked out “from a buick 8” by stephen king and 14 dark tales by the same author…haven’t gotten into it yet…


I’d like to join in, I need to do more reading. I’m gonna order some of the fantasy books I was into as a high schooler and start there. I’ve forgotten most of the details of the plot in those novels. I’ll see if I can have the first book from the Dark Elf trilogy read by the end of the month.


I’m currently reading House of Psychotic Women. It’s sort of a feminist and woman’s perspective on women characters in horror and exploitation films.

It’s super good so far! And I’m learning a ton about some fairly obscure movies.



I just finished reading The Pier Falls by Mark Haddon, an excellent short story collection. Right now I’m reading some transhumanist articles and papers.

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Legion by William Peter Blatty. It’s actually pretty deep.
Anything by Michael Moorcock.


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