Books I've read recently!

So still reading every night and have some good reads still to get through.

Over the last month or so I’ve read A Bridge Too Far by Cornelius Ryan- WW2 history of the Arnhem capaign. Very interesting and do love some historical reading. I’ve also finished the Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula Le Guin…very good low key fantasy. Ie it has lots of style over substance but still a great read.

Things on the kindle is a new fantasy book I got through my amazon subscription so going to read that and Dystoyevsky’s the Brothers for more Russian literature. I may start the fantasy first!

So what have you been reading lately? Finished…do you rate it ??


I wish i could read books. My attention span is shocking. I start them but never get further than the first couple of chapters.

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I was the same for years. It’s taken time and effort but it’s good to read again. Just promoting it because it really is a worthwhile persuit and realize it’s not easy for most in our community!


Well done on getting through them. I hope i get there some day. Great benefits from reading. Like excercise for the brain

sounds great! I got into Russian lit in college,

and I think the translations are pretty good,
and many are in my top 10 all time.
Never thought I’d really get into reading books digitally,
but I have, typically thru the library.


I read DISCOVER magazine sometimes, and READER’S DIGEST, and SMITHSONIAN. I read a free book on Kindle, VLAD, THE IMPALER, but didn’t need to finish it. I’m currently reading a biography by African American writer Langston Hughes. I like folklore and ancient books( like Greek mythology and GENESIS )among other things. An author I’d recommend is Elmore Leonard, who wrote westerns in the fifties and the coolest crime fiction of all time up till his death in 2000 something.


who wrote the bio on Langston Hughes?

it’s a rare find in my opinion.

The last book I read was “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy. I think it has been about a year since I read it. I found an interesting quote in it - “We mustn’t forget that the subjection of women is so great and so old that we often refuse to comprehend the abyss that separates them from us.” Yikes! Us males are in trouble.


I’m reading a ‘stories in Spanish’ book called ‘La profe de Español’. It’s A2 level, so basic.

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I’ve been reading Big Sur by jack kerouac and it’s some of the best literature I’ve read in a while for my taste. Definitely best Kerouac novel I’ve read yet and I enjoyed the other ones too.


I have read a few poem anthologies by Jack Kerouac. Right now I have “The illustrated Library of World Poetry” that I’ve been reading through…also reading “Dreamgates” By Robert Moss. Dreamgates is a book about connecting and lucid dreaming: “Exploring the worlds of the soul, imagination, and life beyond death” is what the tite says.

Poetry is good for when you can’t handle a long textbook.


It’s an AUTObiography by Langston Hughes. THE BIG SEA.


I am reading, “Nearing Home,” by Billy Graham. He wrote it when he was 93 and it gives some good thoughts on retirement and growing old.

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I started yesterday Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I bought six used books for 17€. Three times Murakami and three times Stephen King.

The last few days I haven’t read much. I’m constantly thinking about quitting smoking. I have bought, a lot of russian classic’s for 0.49€ or 0.99€ last year for my eBook reader. Just Tolstoi and Dostojewski. I think as long as I have this smoking on my mind I won’t be able to get much into those classic’s.

I try to think of an solution to that. Maybe I smoke one, read one chapter, and then smoke one again. I know I will relapse, because from my side I’m not fully convinced to quit smoking. So good that there’s a reminder of reading even on a sz forum.


I’ll share a dream I had about reading last night. I dreamt that my parents, who were grown up, were back in first grade relearning how to read. It went something on the lines of: Jan Run Run Run…Jack Dug Dug Dig.

But otherwise I haven’t been seriously reading for a while now.

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I mostly don’t read on my eBook reader because, if I read something for the first time, then I don’t do a bookmark on a spot I would like to go back an re-read. And with paper books I can just go easily back to the spot. I find it not enjoyable with eBook readers, though the front light is really great on such devices.

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I didn’t knew beforehand throught reading the book for the first time, that this spot is important for me. I’ll probably give the device my sister.

I love prerevolution Russian authors. One named Garshen had schizophrenia and eventually committed suicide. He was really good, his thought completely linear. He is hard to find in English and maybe other languages, but is anthologized a lot.

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Sorry, my mistake, it is an autobiography. THE BIG SEA. It is good. I’m getting into memoirs now for the first time. I read a funny one about a junkie, Amy Dresner, MY FAIR JUNKIE.

Good going bud!

I started a feminist book about exploitation films, House of Psychotic Women, but I ended up not finishing it.

It’s very well researched and interesting, but the color and layout of the font is a little too hard on my eyes.

Plus the author’s personal history she writes about a lot in the book was too disturbing for me.

Idk what I’m going to read now. Maybe a graphic novel or something fun.

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