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Obviously I have been controlled by my voices for ages. I became accustomed to them telling me what to do or what to avoid to cause a better future for myself. But now that is over im running for my life from these voices but I think in this plane of reality they are guides from the giant eye in the sky that is running this reality. Im going rogue and betraying this tyranny I will make it out. Hahaha ok I see that my mental health is deteriorating and I’m not ok with that. May someone in this plane help me even if its just a hug without intention that is in accordance to my agenda. Ok

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Fight. I’d give you a hug but certainly not kosher with this virus…I’ll give you an elbow tap.

Good you see that it’s a problem. Not sure of your reasoning but I think fighting for better function is the key.

You can do so much better without the voices so keep on fighting and get your doctor on the job. Medications work for a lot more peeps these days. It’s often a compromise but it’s worth the effort.

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That’s weird I have the same delusion that they watch us and every thing we do they say they are the iluminati and lizard people who live in paradise torturing people for fun

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