I'm terrified by the prospect of having been misdiagnosed

Perhaps they did it out of pity, in order to provide me with a new mission in life, and now, guided by an unconscious feeling of gratitude, I neurotically search in myself for proof confirming their diagnosis. Who wrote this?

You did and you probably just had the symptoms so that’s how you were diagnosed

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If only I could believe that.

Remember that the people who diagnosed you have spent years training in what to look for as far as symptomology goes.

…Maybe all this is the agnosonosia talking?

I certainly get that way sometimes-- like my past symptoms and diagnosis are just a fluke, and I’m not really ill.

Hope you feel better soon :sunflower:

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my diagnosis changed very often. first tell me that I have schizophrenia, then schizoaffective disorder, then bipolar disorder. I do not dwell on this. I know that there are pills that I need to drink and if the doctor says, let’s try the drugs for easier, I agree. I just live and for a long time I don’t care what my diagnosis is. after all, the main thing is not the diagnosis, but the state in it.

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Insight is a bit of a funny old business. I feel increasingly baffled by standard accounts of it. The old joke about how the mad don’t know that they are mad, although surely a mad hatter still knows he’s a hatter. The allegedly transformative power of self-knowledge. I recognise in myself those symptoms that lead others to diagnose me with a mental health disorder. I understand their reasoning and accept the facts, but I strongly dispute their interpretation of them. This is doubly odd because I’m not even appealing to anttipsychiatry or social constructionism to deny that I am schizophrenic. I think I’ll scour through the literature in search of fresh insights on the subject.

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It makes sense, unfortunately however, terms like schizophrenia are endowed with considerable labeling power.

They also mean you get put on some powerful med. It’s not a light dx.

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It really is, though.

Insight is fleeting, at least in my case it is.

…Lucky for the pdocs we’re only 1% of the populace :sweat_smile:

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It’s not a light diagnosis, but misdiagnosis rates are pretty high.