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Hello, I am new to the boards. Just wanting to say hello and hope you are all well. I was diagnosed schizo affective and deal with many of similar symptoms I have read just browsing this forum, and am currently on medication, 15 mg of zyprasidone twice a day… keeping myself distracted, trying to talk myself out of ‘delusions’ that other people are talking to me through thought and sometimes seeing visual hallucinations though not as often as before.

Suffering from telepathy which I have been told is a hallucination shared only by myself which I tell myself to even stay somewhat remotely sane yet I do not believe ALL people are. I certainly cannot hear or read anybodies thoughts on my own accord. I have conversations or will have thoughts that feel ‘placed’ I guess this is thought insertion, manipulation, but in reality it is a hallucination only I am experiencing. So I tell myself… and I have proven many times people cannot, then other times they literally seem to say what I’m thinking out loud… I rationalize this as my connecting dots which create a delusion.

I’m not trying to write a book, (at least not yet) I just wanted to say hello! Be well friends!


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum :smile:

hello and welcome.

hope you find many ideas.


welcome! 15 characters

you seem to have a good handle on your symptoms and insight into them, even if it’s a little touch and go. hold on to the thought that nobody can read your mind. i too have struggled with this in the past but now i’m more inclined to believe that they are just splinter selves talking that can do impressions of anyone they hear around me, which although is very clever, it does not a telepath make. so hold on to that. just because you hear the voices of others that may seem to know what you’re thinking it doesn’t mean they can. like you say, you have proven it to yourself before that they can’t and also like you say, your brain is hard wired to find meaningful coincidence where there is none. hope you feel at home here. jayne.

Welcome aboard!

Thank you all who accept me, helpful to know I am not alone in all this!


You’ll do well :smile:

greetings and welcome

thought i would say hi.
take care

Rationalizing and talking yourself out of delusions are good ways to maintain “sanity” in an other wise insane situation. Welcome to the board! Although I’m pretty new myself…


Welcome! Hope you’ll like it here.

Welcome! Love your name. I have a granddaughter named Saturn.