Re-integrating into the Community

I saw a documentary about psychiatry and the main thing they talked about was how they get people to re-integrate into the community.

This is not a reality I know.

In my hometown I only have my parents and step sister and that’s it. Where ever I go people don’t talk to me, and I have no friends.

All I seem to do is work and sleep. I have no life.

I am rejected by my community, and I feel so isolated and alone. There has been no effort from the community mental health team to ‘re-integrate’ me with other people.

I feel completely lost and like I have just been kicked out of hospital institutions without the tools to know how to relate and make friends with new people.

It seems like a closed door. I have no desire really to integrate, as I feel after all these years I have been sidelined because of my behaviour and my past.

All I am asking is to feel part of my hometowns community, but this seems to be too much to ask.

whilst I sit here, time is flying by and the quality of life argument makes no sense.

I am not materialistic. I do have some nice things, but I do not measure quality of life by what you own, it’s the personal bonds with locals that means a lot and having a proper support structure of people who know you who you can do things with.

I am puzzled and don’t know what to do.


Maby meet other schizophrenics in a support setting atleast that way youll extend your network

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