Raw guitar!

I have been working on a new electric guitar riff and thought I would share.

It hasn’t been produced, edited or tampered with, so a rough recording.

Please feel free to post your guitar riffs and pieces here!

I’ll start:

It needs work and it is what I have made up and practiced for a few days and the beginnings of a new song, I haven’t written yet!

What have you got? anything will do, from beginners (me) to experts (not me) :smiley:


You’re really good man, keep up the good work

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Thanks man!

I’ll keep working on it.

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Dude your getting better fast !!! Nice woke!!

Edit: would love to hear singing with it…sounds super happy :grin:

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It’s weird. I completely stop playing for 3 months and pick it up again and i have improved. lol

I just felt more confident playing again.

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Transferred this mornings track to my other soundcloud account and removing from the old one:

Thanks for listening.


Have you ever experimented with alternate tuning?

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When i run out of ideas, I’m sure I will.

I didn’t know about it until you told me.


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You can experiment with other cool sounding chords for strumming.

I bet you can do a song with this 4 or 5 chords lol

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I haven’t learnt the original version to a decent level without having to relearn chords on a whole new level. lol :smiley:

Plenty of time though…

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I tell you because is way easier to learn a few shapes in DADGAD and create songs. It’s not something you do after learning standard tuning, but alongside. It’s completely different.

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Here is what I have worked with for a few hours and countless tries in recording.

What do you think of my best rhythm yet @dreamer54 @AKendrick @StarCrazy

And all others too?


The strumming sounds more aggressive!

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It’s odd that soundcloud isn’t registering any plays… :thinking:

It is showing now, not to worry.

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I listened in browser, maybe it’s that.

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Do you not like my tune then?

I dunno, but 4 months of playing and it is not that bad is it?

Original tunes. Playing skill improving.

If you don’t say much it means you don’t like it. :smiley:

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That assumption is completely false, my dear sir.

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I like it bro… Keep working on your music man!!! Rome wasn’t build in a day :person_shrugging:t5:

Feels like it needs some lyrics tho and maybe softer strum would sound good too??


Mastering the guitar first is my priority. Singing at the same time is really difficult.

I can’t be bothered to move the stuff to the other room to use a mic and add lyrics either, unfortunately.

But thanks for the feedback!

The strum agression is probably how i set the amp and guitar this time too. I’ll make some efforts to change it next time I play it.

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I feel ya bro!! All love man

We all still have to do a song together!!!

@dreamer54 @labratmat @ThePoet @GBear587