Ratatouille and fresh homemade bread for lunch

I have started baking my own bread instead of buying shop bread. And I find it so much nicer :slight_smile: today I made two oval loaves with sweet potato and honey and sunflower seeds in. Just came out from oven and I’m making ratatouille to go with it for lunch. Delicious!

What’s for lunch on your plate?


Tea and noodles …hahaha…!!!

Pesto pasta for me!!

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Probably chicken and veggies, unless mom surprises me with something else entirely. I am still waiting for her to come back from a visit. It is 3:18pm, I am already hungry :hamburger:

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Yesterday I went to a Jamaican restaurant. It’s awesome at Jamaican restaurants cuz the food is already cooked!!! You just go in and ask what you want. I wanted jerk chicken with rice and beans. Was fantastic!! The guy was one of the nicest guy in the world. It was 7.75 and I tipped him 1.25. Ya $9 a plate isn’t cheap but he was so friendly it was unreal. Plus he was a Yankees fan, had the game on and told me they won


Probably a chimichanga or 2 :slight_smile:

Your breads sounds delicious!