Yesterday weird coincidence

Something very emotional happened or something and I couldn’t stop tearing up and then on Kendrick Lamar pandora station the song so many tears by Tupac came on. It made me more emotional :sob: but it was ok

And I had a dream where I got a test back expecting like a 40 and I got an 100/100.

I think this is reflective of my change of attitude towards school. And finally a teacher likes me.


I’m really happy for you @Jonnybegood!!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ZmaGal I used to have nightmares about school but I didn’t care either. That was psychosis for me. A nightmare where I just didn’t care.

The good news is that if you’re afraid of not caring, it means you do care and it’s very important to you :slight_smile:

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Tbh I’m
Not going for a high grade.

I half assed the last two assignments and they were each worth 150 points. Like literally did half of the assignment practically!!! But it ok. Half is better than none. And so far I had like a 360/360 in the class so even if I got 150/300 I’ll still have 510/660 which is good enough for me and plenty of time to get it back up again. But I may get a higher grade than that anyways that’s what the dream was about

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Why do you think you’re half a**ing it? Are you afraid of failure? Sometimes people do things to not do as well so that if they fail they can say they didn’t really try.

Nah I’m just taking the class for fun mostly. I’m never gonna go for a degree. It was kinda a tedious thing the principles of design but I understand it but not fully grasp it enough to put it into words. I show up daily and last class she even said “I don’t think you guys fully understood it, except Jon, but it’s ok” to my group. So I understand it when it’s in a social setting but I suck at writing it in a paper. So I just rather not do it since I’m just mostly in it for the learning experience in school.

I think I’ll get 200/300 on these 2 papers.

Ps…next class I take will be a non graded writing workshop at a writers place rather than at community college.

I think taking the class non graded will free you up to not stress and learn a lot. I think that’s s great idea. I hope you get good grades on your papers , even if it’s not for a degree. When you work hard and earn something it does wonders for your self esteem.


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