Funny thing of the day 3/26


ding ding ding di ding ding ding ding…

Ning ning ding ding ding ning

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I tried just to put the first line but the forum told me the body of my messaged had to be more descriptive XD


I can tell. It has a lot of effort put into being descriptive if you just look at it lol


I never did get what that fox was saying.


That song is one of those over used medias. Drawn out until you can’t stand it, and drawn out some more. So by this logic, what the fox says is irrelevant, just don’t play it ever again.

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I like the 80s music anyways.

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I kinda bounce around but tend to think that most music is made for teenage kids ready to say that this part of the song relates to me. At least the music coming out now days is anyways. And still all the music was made for past generations before I came into my own, so really nothing relates to me except for gangster rap from the early to mid 90s and the late 80s.

I grew up with record players. I would play my mom’s 80’s music on and on. I love it with a passion. Rock, pop, anything really. I also have a love for musical songs. I like some rap but mainly those by Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and 2Pac.

However, my heart lies in 80s music and loves classicals as well.

Also note that I was born in the 90s…and young for my music tastes sometimes. I love Helen Reddy btw

aww yeah :sunglasses:

Same here but my Dad has a finicky taste as well. He grew up making his own music so the radio is a stale taste for him that got passed on to me. Even recordings get old for us. Although I do like to revisit old tunes and I think my cousins has his own record player just because he is a hipster. I don’t know him to own any records although.

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Oh man, we have crates full of records. I’m going to go put on my Saturday Night Fever record and dance around like a fool soon. XD


I don’t know, is that dicso? I used to really like disco but it seems like a very dead art form. And it gets really old. lol I say that about everything though so don’t take offense.

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Gaaaaaaaaa…Enough you two of making me feel waaaaaaaay older than I feel!

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How can you feel older than you feel? Is that some sort of 4th dimensional paradox I don’t know about?

jk btw

The best disco! The greatest 70s movie of all time! Love it! Ahh get old? Nonsense, I’ve been groovin for over 18 years almost!

18 years is a long time to be doing this


Hehehe nah, you be young at heart, then. But, you can be like fine wine that gets better with age. I’ve been to nappa valley I know :grin:

@Csummers do you know Helen Reddy O_O I try so hard and can’t find a person who is like “OH YEAH! Helen!” I went to one of her “concerts” it was the classiest thing I’ve ever seen. Purely fabulous

Well, I switch it up with some of this from time to time. Plus I was discoing as an embryo I swear!

I swear I am the worst at school dances. Then again, I never go to them soooo…


Naturally I am, I was made there. Napa that is.

and of course, “Delta Dawn”(1973…Really?) “I am woman” (1971 eeeek) “Ain’t no way to treat a lady” (1975 sheesh)
but I only feel 35.

Yay! I love Angie Baby, it sort is how I feel with psychosis. Also Ruby Red Dress, You and Me Against the World etc etc etc. Napa is a great place. I can’t and don’t drink but my family is Italian and knows how to make wine. My sis and I go down there and run around the grape vines until we get yelled at… :slight_smile:

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