Great great music

A good song.

I would love to hear anything you’d like to share as well.

Hard to believe Mick Jagger was ever this young.

After they divorced, Sonny got into politics and I believe he became an Assemblyman in California. About ten years ago he tragically died in a skiing accident. Their daughter Chastity, became a man and goes by the name Chaz.

Please remind us how to post a video. Thank you in advance.

Mick’s live performances always crack me up, esp. when he puckers his lips and walks like a chicken, i really lose it and just begin to laugh uncontrollably.

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I just appreciate honesty.

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So, there i was, in third grade, in a broken home that just wouldn’t quit, headed towards psychosis and hurt, and i flip on the tele to try and have some fun and this is whats on!

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I like this one, as i try and ignore the burning in my legs it’s screams really perk me up.

Yeah, I know what you mean. He can be pretty funny. I once heard someone say about his dancing, “He’s like a rooster on acid”.

I may have posted this song on a different forum, I dunno if anyone saw it lol. I can’t stop playing it for some reason, I also love Paul Simon especially the reggae feel of mother and child reunion. Just great music you guys are playing!