Random act charity

Today I was in town and there was a rough looking homeless guy that I would have ignored but saw a man drop some change so I gave him £2 for a hot drink


I gave a guy $4.00 in change yesterday, said he needed bus fair to get downtown and was homeless, he ran off in the opposite direction of the bus stop LOL, no idea what he was up to


he probably forgot something at home and went to get-


Homeless he said lol

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I always think “that could be me” when I come across homeless people. When I went to school in San Francisco, I sometimes had lunch with one of the homeless men I would pass by. I bought him lunch instead of giving him cash. Here in Southern California, I used to give bags of plastic bottles so they could get the recycle money.
Since I moved to my little mountain town, we don’t have homeless people…

There’s a homeless man who sits down by my local grocery store on the weekends.

I don’t often go down there on the weekends, but when I do I give him $5. He has a sign that says “homeless but not hopeless.” He’s really nice.

When I go into the city on the weekends and I’m in an area of the city that’s busy, I take a lot of change to give to homeless people. There’s not many homeless people, in fact none, that ask for money where I work in the city so I reserve my change for when I’m in the area of the city where there are homeless people.