How do I lose this weight?

I have put on 60 pounds since being on Solian over 6 years. I am desperate to lose the weight. Only 1 diet has worked for me but it is expensive. I tried the HCG diet 2 years ago & lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks. What do u guys recommend I try? I look like a chubby cherub!


I have the same problem, when I was on aripiprazole I put on like 25kg (55lbs?) in about 6 months and then stayed at that weight. Now I’m on quetiapine and it’s so hard not to gain more weight let alone lose weight. I try to exercise as much as possible, and I often fast for a few days at a time in a routine, like say 3 days 4 days a week or something like that, but it probably isn’t the healthiest way of going about it. It’s enough to stop me gaining more weight but even that doesn’t make me lose weight.

It’s really hard to lose weight with these meds. When I was in my early twenties I stopped taking my meds and did Weight Watchers and lost 80lbs. I was walking and started running. I had to go back on meds and stopped exercising and watching what I was eating and gained 130lbs. I’m thinking of trying Weight Watchers again. It’s such a struggle. I can definitely empathize with you. Good luck in whatever you try. :sunny:

u have to change ur lifestyle. that’s it in a nutshell. no fried foods, lots of fruit and vegetables and lean meat. i’ve managed to lose 34 pounds so far. i’m not dieting at the moment and we all have our indulgence days but u have to eat less ■■■■ and more fruit and veg. there is no magic cure. u just have to bite the bullet and control the urge to eat crap food. i know it’s hard but it can be done. it just takes discipline. if ur hungry, eat carrot sticks with humus, or bananas. i hate bananas but i eat them so that i don’t gain weight. i usually sta on the diet for two weeks at a time, then come off for a couple of days so i don’t deny myself junk but i eat it in moderation. the more fruit and veg u can eat the faster u will lose weight. and move around more, go swimming, go for a hike. don’t skip meals or the body goes into starvation mode and stores fat. breakfast lunch and dinner but healthy options. good luck xxx


I lost 60lbs on the Dukan Diet. And I must say that it was fairly easy and I did not exercise. I’m just offering the name. I would say it’s a good diet to follow but I bear no responsibility for any results, bad or good, if you try it. It worked for me and I never went hungry or counted calories or carbs. It involves eating mainly meat, vegetables and non-fat dairy products.
ALWAYS consult your doctor before going on any diet.

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thanks…I will look into the Dukan diet, I am desperate to lose this blubber!