R u prescriped antidepressants?


R u prescriped antidepressants beside antipsychotics ??
Do you feel depression ??


yep, I’m on 20 mg of Trintellix


Hell yeah and hell yeah


I’m prescribed Zoloft for anxiety,

But I don’t take it.


I used to be on Zoloft, then Pristiq, then Prozac. Right now, I’m just on my AP (Geodon), which my nurse practitioner says has antidepressant qualities, so she doesn’t want to tack on an antidepressant. But yeah, I guess I experience depression? I can’t tell if it’s depression or negatives, but they say depression. Used to also be on the antidepressants for anxiety, now I am on nothing and am waiting for my nurse practitioner to be willing to prescribe something for it.


Nope and not really. I have a lot of negative symptoms that get confused with depression, but I don’t think I’m depressed.


Yeah, I’m on Lexapro mostly for anxiety.


Yes. I get bad depression and am on a large dose of effexor. 300mgs. I used to be fine on 75 but tried another med. Came back to effexor -it’s the only one that works for me.

Depression and schizophrenia are common.


I take Paroxetine for anxiety and obsessive thoughts.


I don’t generally get very depressed but I am prescribed pristiq for anxiety. It really helps!


I used to take Amitriptyline off label for migraines, but it made my hallucinations worse. Now, I just take Geodon. I don’t feel like I get depressed.


Amitriptyline was the cause of my first big hallucinations when I was 11. I went completely crazy.


Fluvoxamine may have been my initial trigger at 14. But so much stuff was happening then, it would be hard to say what actually caused my psychosis.


I have been on three. One was sertraline. This was what triggered the social anxiety. I would caused a paralaysis when I would encounter people or cars in the street. I effectively could not walk, it felt like I had forgotten how to walk… I would have to slide my feet across the ground. It would cease only when I was the only person around, and recommence when I was not


I also think I have negative symptoms that get confused with depression. Because I take 20 mg of Cymbalta but I have symptoms either way that would get confused with depression.


The Dr always told me I was depressed. I told them it was because I believed all these people were after me and it was a lot to deal with. Later I felt really fatigued and anxiety they gave me Zoloft. Helped tremendously. Recently tried to go off felt pretty good a month later I got erectile disfunction. I guess it’s the first thing to go. Went back on it all ok now.


I’m always depressed :disappointed:


I used to take them. I’m giving St John’s wort a try


I take 200 mg of Zoloft, which I was prescribed for my OCD symptoms. It helped for awhile, but never completely. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I listened to the doctor who saw me upon my first admission to the hospital and diagnosed me with psychotic depression.


I used to be but I was being abused at the time all it did was make me hallucinate more as far as I can tell