Quitting pot


I smoked pot again yesterday…I don’t know why I keep doing that but I do. I have smoked pot for the better part of my adult life. I use to think it helped with the symptoms but now it just causes me to have anxiety attacks and makes me really paranoid. It cost me $20 every-time I go and get some and I really cant afford it because I am on disability. I know its going to be hard to quit because I am so use to smoking it plus the only friend I have that’s all he wants to do when I come around and it makes it that more difficult. I know part of my problem is that I get really anxious when I don’t have any to smoke which causes me to go out and buy some. I just need to find a way to quit and put this behind me. I’ve started exercising and I am trying to eat right. I’m hoping I can start to replace bad habits with good ones. I don’t know what I am going to do I just know I need to quit. Sorry for rambling on I just needed to express myself some where.


Why does it cost $20 each time? Even if I bought $20 and put it in a big cigar (blunt) I would take like 3 sessions to smoke it. Maybe because when I smoked the past 2 years I had no tolerance. But yeah I can relate to it just making you anxious and paranoid. My problem is buying a lot and smoking it all in 3-4 days non-stop. It’s easy for me to “not buy it” though. But I’ve only smoked once since march.


Good luck in quitting!

If you are serious about quitting than you can easily look up more information on different websites. Before I quit all drugs in 1990 I occasionally smoked pot and pretty much got the same effect you are getting now. Anxiety, paranoia, plus it made my symptoms worse for sure. But I kept smoking it. Doesn’t make sense, does it? I smoked it long after it wasn’t fun anymore. But I joined AA, CA, and NA and I haven’t touched any street drugs since 1990. Quitting pot is not impossible. How many times have you paid the $20.00 for pot? Look at this way: every time you’ve paid $20.00 that could have been a CD. You could actually have something to show for all that money like 40 CD’s instead of torturing yourself with pot and having nothing to show for it. Good luck.


The high is just not worth it. Go without it for a while and come to enjoy sobriety it will make you stronger than you know.


It really is up to how much you really want to stop. I really want to stop but it’s not enough yet because I’ve got some right now. Makes me happy and relaxed. not paranoid and it’s so much a part of my identity that I don’t know how to change either.


I checked the site out…it seems to be helpful. There is a meeting tonight at 8pm central time im going to go to. Thanks for the link.


I really want to stop…Im just tired of the whole thing. I get $60 a week to spend and I spend it all on weed. Theres so much more I could be doing with that money. I would love to have a small fishing boat. I know I can get one for about a $1000. If I quit I could save for that.


That always helped me with drugs, seeing what I could be saving the money for. Think about why you want that fishing boat more often and it’ll help


One of the hardest things about quitting any recreational drug, including alcohol, is peer pressure. The paranoia and anxiety you describe when you smoke pot is very familiar to me. That’s why I prefer alcohol, even though it is probably wrecking my liver mixing it with anti-psychotic medication. I don’t really enjoy smoking marijuana, even if it is less dangerous than alcohol.


dude, I’m always rationalizing like that but it always ends up in the connect’s hands. the thing is, I believe in weed, I just can’t afford it. yes, I have around 60 a week for fun too and I never get it, just weed. so what do we do? how do we finally end this back and forth? I don’t know. I kind of gave up. I like Christmas time high. Listening to the Beatles “white album” my girlfriend bought me for Christmas. nothing like being altered when “revolution #9” comes on.


Listen to that ■■■■ backwards bro.


I’m glad I stopped pot. It was hard to do!



Yeah. Play Revolution # 9 backwards and “Number 9”, “Number 9”, “Number 9” , turns into “Turn me on dead man” Turn me on dead man"!!!
Really. It’s freaky.


Yeah and the sound of the car crash and screaming it’s pretty freaky. Haven’t listened to it since before I went psychotic. Don’t think I could handle it.


change your friends, make new friends.


I do it by myself. nobody smokes with me. I just spend the day toking away and dreaming of what I could do if I stopped…constantly…sad…feel lost…but not down enough to feel bad for Christmas. I have decided when I run out to try really hard to stop smoking weed. I conquered smoking cigarettes and I want to be vice free. I don’t enjoy drinking anymore. It’s so time to stop smoking weed.