Doing some low area cleaning

That’s what we call it at work when you dust all the desks and stuff in cubicles and offices that are below you’re neck.

Your mind wanders and I was thinking of all the pot I smoked as a teenager. Just thinking about it makes me exahausted, lol. We smoked a lot of pot and we used to get so burned out. No more though.


Usually pot made me fall asleep, or get paranoid or feel like I couldn’t breathe or all three. But sometimes I could take just one hit and it would actually help my anxiety. I don’t know why sometimes it was ok and sometimes not. I guess there’s different kinds but I never figured out which one was helping me. Back in the day things weren’t consistent. Now you can order specific types for specific ailments in all kinds of forms. I played around with it a little at one of the dispensaries, but whatever I got was the wrong stuff so I gave it away. I figured I didn’t need it that bad anyway.

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