Quitting drinking

Anyone else have any tips for quitting drinking? I bought a CBD pen for when I get anxious. I’m craving pickled foods today. Last night I was craving ice cream.


I couldn’t quit on my own for very long. I had to get help. I went to AA and got lucky and they helped.


I’m another one who sobered up through AA, coming up on 30 years. You will for sure need a support network to lean on whether you go with AA or not. Someone you can talk to and get over the hump with when cravings hit (and they really hit hard at first).

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It depends how bad it is. If you’re alcoholic you will probably need AA.

Otherwise you could try drinking light beers, or non-alcoholic beers as a substitute. Then you still have the passtime of drinking.

But it’s all really psychology. I have had to give up drinking for the most part because I have a ulcer that reacts to alcohol. When you have to you find a way.

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Non-Alcoholic beers may make you just crave the real thing. I drink cans of Polar Seltzer water when I get cravings. You could also do soda, although it’s not very healthy. You need to convince yourself that the alcohol is poison and is not the cause of a good time as memories may tell you.

There is a guy on youtube with videos about quitting drinking. His name is “Sober Leon”. Check it out.

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Thanks for the replies. I looked up AA zoom meetings. They have 3 daily. Now it’s just a matter of getting into one. I thought I could quit on my own but before I know it I’m in my car and on my way to the beer store. My psychiatrist recommended AA. I thought I was strong enough to do it alone but the cravings are so intense. I’ve been smoking a lot of CBD. Trying to kill the anxiety.

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Good luck and welcome to the family.


Human being weren’t designed to do things without community support. When you have built your community around alcohol, you aren’t just giving up alcohol. You are giving up socialization as you know it. It can help people to find a new social group to fit in with.


My mom’s roommate is an alcoholic and will not get help. She throws up everyday. My mom is scared she’ll find her dead. I know it’s hard I’ve seen so much of it.

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My mom and her boyfriend had drinking problems and never admitted it too.

I have a drinking problem too, but admit to being an alcoholic and go to AA.

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