Quit aol instant messenger

As poor as this one, and maybe 2 people treated me, I felt it was unfair to block them and continue to talk to other ppl on AIM so I deleted my aim. What a burden lifted! From now on its only sz.com on the Internet. That way I’ll be around positive supports and forced to make friends In the real world too. I reckon it’ll bring me into reality too. After all these years. Phew. Well I’ve been on my way out for a while now.


Btw I’m going to dual diagnosis group at the local mental health clubhouse tmrw so maybe I’ll meet friends there :slight_smile:

Maybe I will start going to aa to get 100% sober once and for all…id meet more real friends there

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I have all the tools to get sober

Happy life, naltrexone, klonopin prescription;), all I’m missing is aa to put me over the top. I will go Saturday (have double therapy tomorrow)

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My new sobriety date is June 12th, 2016

Already got a head start, in that, I decided “I wanna get sober” 4 days after I was sober…

It’ll be easiest this time

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I had no idea AIM still existed – it’s about 2 decades in my rear view mirror!

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Lol yeah I had all 11 “still active” users on my buddy list

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I think I’ll go to AA tomorrow…during the day

Tomorrow will be recovery friday

AA, dual diagnosis group at the mental health club, and then therapy at 6:30


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