My best friend relapsed

Tim is an alcoholic in addition to being on the autism spectrum and having sz.

Our 15 year friendship is pretty much over. While I love him, I can’t be around a drunk.

I haven’t been here much lately. Now you know why.


Alcoholism sucks.

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Man sorry you have had to go through this.

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Thanks @Aziz and @anon94176359.

I offered to help him a treatment center. He said no. I said bye.


I’m so sorry. I can relate a lot as I’ve been bitten before in life and it’s so sad. Good people do bad things on alcohol and drugs. There’s no winners…sadly. Hugs.

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Don’t feel bad @JustTrish. Tbh most of us here are walking a tightrope of keeping our stuff together. We can’t afford to be pulled down

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Thanks Rogue!

My ex hubby was an alcoholic. That’s why I left him.

ABUSE is a dealbreaker. Period.


Sorry to hear trish

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