Quirky personality

People with quirky personality are most often called eccentric, unusual, strange and even bizarre, but the truth is that they are missing the bigger picture. You see, these people are not afraid to play weird instruments, wear different clothes, have some unusual hobbies or say what they mean.

1111 :crazy_face:


If it is directed toward you, take that as a compliment . Quirky is not only an external personality trait others can recognize and enjoy but also a mental conscience outlook to see opportunity in challenging circumstances.

Anyone online today???

Yes but I don’t get your post. Is that a personality disorder? What’s the connection with schizophrenia?

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i was told by @Loke im quirky i took it as true

Its just her opinion so its not to be taken seriously.

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I like to think i am unique

People who don’t know I’m mentally ill usually find me eccentric or quirky.

I would say some of your ideas are grandiose like me. Its normal for schizophrenics to be grandiose. I think we’re all going to heaven no matter what and that hell doesn’t exist. Some say this is blasphemy but I don’t care because it makes me feel better and not be suicidal.


We all like to think that,

But the truth is, none of us are.

There have been so many people on this planet,

And currently on this planet.

No one is unique.

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I disagree we are ‘‘all’’ unique…!

What makes us all ‘‘unique’’ is our past…!

No two people have the same past…!

We are all very unique in many ways …!

It’s nice that you think that,

And maybe it’s true.

I just don’t think it is.

Too many people.

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Apparently, every snowflake is unique.


No one has ever called me quirky.

My father in jest calls me special.

what makes the earth rotate is uniqueness

because each person is unique that is super special

no person has the same past

a finger print is unique too

I’m not arguing with you.

You may be right,

I just have a hard time believing that any of our traits or experiences are special or unique.

But aren’t we all humans with one soul? Anyways its getting into religion lol

I like to debate with you not argue

discussing is always better

We all end up dead and then in heaven.

we as humans have a lot of unaswered questions

that is what makes us innocent

because we haven’t the answers we are left innocent

we don’t know the unknown

so the mystery of life makes us innocent on that page