Psychosis vs oddness

Psychotic people can be odd but it seems to me odd people are not necessarily psychotic. Yet odd people can have problems. I wonder whether in layman’s terms schizotypal equals oddness with a small measure of psychosis thrown in. Of course it’s hard to tell for yourself whether you are odd and really requires the input of others. I’ve been treated as though I’m ‘different’‘strange’ without anyone,as far as I can remember, uttering the phrase “You’re odd”. Yet I’m acutely aware of the feeling I march to a somewhat different beat of life’s drum.


I get the same from others around me. Telling me I’m eccentric and “Oh, you’ve always been a bit odd”, kind of remarks. We are different but so what. I see it as we’re interesting human beings.

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I’m happy you write about yourself except…
World have become a more beautiful place because of oddes in a good sense,
If you are odd and not in a bad sense then respect yourself,

And please don’t be the messenger of scientists cause as you know there are very severe doubt’s about the certainty of their science,

We want to become familiar with each other, although your good deed for helping us with scientific excerpts is highly appreciated here,

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yeah and it can depend on who you ask too. I mean some people enjoy uniqueness and others if you don’t fit into some conformist mold think it’s terrible.

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I suppose I am a bit odd too. We are who we are. I don’t think you are super odd. Too bad if others have a problem with it–it is their problem not ours!

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I have been told I am odd. I assume I would appear that way to a lot of people. I’m fine with this. I’m also fine with people who are genuinely strange. Weirdness is good.

However I think the people who try and make themselves appear ‘odd’ to be edgy or different are ■■■■■■■ freaks and deserve to be abandoned on a ■■■■■■■ island in the middle of nowhere where they can starve to death. Maybe also live-streamed on YouTube so I can laugh at their suffering.

I wouldn’t know how to role play ‘odd’ . I am as I am.

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I think that being “odd” versus “crazy” is a blurred line defined by the outer limits of those behaviors society currently finds acceptable. What is merely odd at one point in time is defined as crazy in another time or place. For example, in some countries, dropping your britches to take a dump on the roadside is acceptable, not even an odd behavior, but if I did it in a snowbank here in Alaska, I’d be considered crazy.

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I think not.

A person with schizotypal personality disorder (STPD) has severe social anxiety, fantasies or preoccupations that prevent gainful employment, poor hygiene, inappropriate attire for the occasion and/or weather, inappropriate display of feelings, unconventional beliefs that lend themselves to conspiracy theories, telepathy, clairvoyance, a sixth sense, among other symptoms.

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What’s the difference between schizotypal pd and schizophrenia?

Some of the differences are that a person with STPD can be swayed away from their delusions. Also, hallucinations and delusions are not as frequent, prolonged or intense as people with schizophrenia.


All of those could be considered as ‘odd’ .

Googling schizotypal and odd brings up 76,000 entries.


Wow @valiumprincess “to watch them suffer”? I have known pain but never could stand to watch another suffer. never. When they hurt I hurt. I feel it.

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It’s actually really cool when you don’t care. Because then obviously you don’t care if others are hurt or not.

Hatred is another form of passion, and can take one far in life.

@valiumprincess. I have at times hated what’s been done. But to really watch another suffer I have no taste for that. Would rather turn my head. Even do it in make believe scary movies. Nah suffering should be helped. yuck. nah.

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To be honest I wish death upon different sorts of shitty people all the time. I’m obviously unable to cause anything to happen, so it doesn’t affect anyone.

If anything for a while it makes me feel less angry. Either way I don’t find it concerning, or feel guilty about it. It’s more a poor coping strategy to handle my rage.

Well maybe in the mind alone yeah @valiumprincess. I mean if I see wrong doing I can be a razor tongue but to actually see physical suffering, no. I can’t even look at a caged animal. It is cruel.

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