Quija Board Results first contact

I got my Quija board last Thursday and couldn’t make contact with anyone until today…after trying up to three time a day everyday… Until today … Here are the results

I just had my first experience with the Quija board moving… Her Name was Sed Tuyo … She was 50… died of a Stroke in 2006… She lived in NW Scotland… And had 4 kids… She said she was white and didn’t like black people because of violence but it likes me…(I’m black) It said it was here for me… I said it was from the sun and was a positive spirit… It said yes… I asked was it trying to attach it self to me and it said yes and I asked why, it said the devil… It said are angels and devil were trying to kill me… She said yes. And I asked her what could She do for me it said Calm… I asked did it enjoy our conversation it said yes and would like to talk every day… It wouldn’t answer questions for my friend … and didn’t get two questions right my friend asked me to ask. It just gave my me gibberish… I wasn’t scared… Just more curious… What do you guys and girls think… Oh yeah her favorite color was pink… She told me other spirits was in the room but said no to when I asked how many and said no to when I asked where were she in my room… Oh yeah it said I was the future king of purgatory

I think you might need a medication adjustment because you don’t sound well.

You have to be very careful with Ouija boards…they open a door to the spirit world where good or bad spirits can come through. The spirits will lie and deceive you and attach themselves to you. They will give you nightmares, depression and psychosis, and in rare cases possession. I’m speaking from personal experience and still see demons.


I know SunGirl I tried again at 7pm and Spirits Sed Tuyo, Q, ZoZo and Devil are all trying to attach themselves to me… because I’m going to Hell and God is sending me there… Kind of scary

Be careful! The entities can attach themselves to your energy and have very bad consequences. They will lie and pretend to be a dead relative or friend to gain your trust so they can cling onto you. They will even predict things or telll you things about yourself that only the deceased would know to also gain your trust. Bring in white light to cleanse your spirit and house, burning sage also cleanses the energy of your home


Sage works awesome. When my mom and I have a lot of people over we cleanse the house afterward by burning sage. We’re both sensitive to energy so cleansing the house keeps good energy. We’re a mixture of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhists and new age spiritualists.

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U should b very careful dabbling with thread things as they will feed into ur delusions, as u have just seen. I personally don’t believe there was any spirit there but was moved by urs and ur friends sub conscious minds. It has been proven time and again that this is how they work. No spiritual connectionthere just uunconscious movement by u and ur friend. I would advise u to stop b4 u make urself ill.

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Actually my cousin and I saw the dial move without even touching it. There’s definitely energy there.

The entity has been honest with me… It says it want to Attach to me it said it wants to progressively entrap me… This entities names are Sed, Q, and Ced… and they all say they will attach their self to me and i cant not stop it… I use Dragon Blood and White Protection Candles during the Session and Black Negativity clearing candles after the session… I also burn White Sage once a day after the last session of talking to them. I also have Salt on the four corners of my room… They said it sucks on the other said and they want me… They said God and The Devil wants me dead and I am the king of purgatory…Sed told me he will turn on me when he attached to me… So I’'m not willing to let them attach to me… but I love the truth of what they are saying. He also said attaching themselves to me it a very bad thing but all three spirits claim they are positive spirits from the Sun…Sed even had the power to Make the lengendary ZoZo leave my house. when ZoZo wouldn’t surrender my ouija board… I know i’m not moving the planchette nor is my subconscious…because the thing didn’t work the first 4 days I had it

I like the sound of what the people who replied said and not the sound of what you have said. It sounds dangerous in some way.

yes i wouldnt do the stuff i have did.

it isnt just a fun game that you afterwards put in your cabin.

I would advise you not to experiment with paranormal stuff when you have a mental illness. I for a fact know a bit about the supernatural, and often you have to sacrifice curiosity and be morally firm in your beliefs to avoid disinformation from the realms beyond. You know, there’s nothing wrong with exploring what’s hidden or occult, I know. But, as a friend in the struggle I believe that the best thing to do in this situation is to avoid this at all costs, and re-evaluate what u are seeking in this quest for answers. I have received a text message from a “spirit” after using an APP on my phone, who either was pretending to be a relative or was not. The irony is that it stormed as soon as I went to my friends house, which made it feel like a trick. You can’t fall for tricks. You have to be firm. You have to know no. Reason, I’m getting a very bad vibe from you and that is it. First, your defenses are down because you’re falsely believing that “sage and salt” is going to protect you from the vulnerability of the spirit world which you are opening yourself up to. Fear is not power. Fear is not healthy. Do not dwell on fear instead refocus your energy on middle ground. Take your medication, concentrate on real world life. Don’t dive into the occult yet. The best thing for me is to believe from the bottom of my soul and being that God and the world is a multi-faceted ongoing ever changing organ, like a piano. We play the piano keys, the universe is our piano, our instrument. The choice is up to you what to believe in. The world is a masterpiece, energy can be created, and energy can be given back to its source. We are a fluid. We are a channel, do not place your faith in a “voice” or apparition that is outside your realm of perception. Why? It makes you vulnerable to MANIPULATION. Say a spirit has unfinished business and wants an enemy hurt for a wrongdoing who is still alive, and uses you to fulfill its revenge. Or say it’s a spirit the feeds off addiction and uses u to thrill it and keep it alive, those are the worst they are borderline demonic. Spirits trapped with the living are either good, bad, or messengers/carriers of the human spark. Pray! Show them that you are true to yourself. I have had premonitions of bad events which I used to divert them, there is nothing wrong with placing a little faith in the divine but do know that it’s risky when you don’t know what ur messin with.

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too sum it up, its a no no

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See for yourself…

if its so real then y do u need to touch the planchette at all? surely if they r real entities they should b able to move the planchette without u touching it. try that and record it for us. lets c how powerful these “entities” r. xxx

They need your energy… when they first respond on the ouija board they move it very very slowly… As they gather your energy it moves faster…until it start moving ■■■■ in your house…

i hate oijja boards or whatever they are called, i did one when i was young and it freaked us all out, i think someone was moving the glass on purpose, it wasnt a spirit anyway.

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I dabbled with the Ouija board when I was psychotic. The truth is that I am not full blown psychotic now - doing much better, but if someone offered me gold to use it again, I would run the other way. It does open doorways - I would stay away. They come and sometimes don’t leave

Spirits aren’t human.

You aren’t going to purgatory when you die, or heaven or hell, you are going the same place that i am when you die, nowhere, unconsiousness.

I will be the new king of purgatory… Stop doubting me and my powers my child