Some strange experiences I've had and would like feedback

Has anyone had any experiences with ouija boards?
I was reading Ouija Gone Wild by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. I couldn’t finish it as I could feel myself slipping into a depression or a nasty state of some kind. You can’t tell some of those people what they saw and heard was illusion. To them there are entities of another dimension who can be friendly but usually are not and there are abilities to be tapped for various gains.

Tarot cards anyone? These can be mind blowers sometimes in the way they describe in detail what is happening in someone’s life.

I have been interested in the astral world for a long time and had some experiences with it. I have often had what starts out as a dream that I take as an invitation to enter these astral realms. Usually I freak out and the fear terminates the lucid dream.

Last night I was having some dreams but then I thought I heard someone knocking at the front door. I took it to be for real and got out of bed to check but no one was there. The knocking was likely some part of myself, as an invitation or could have been another entity opening a door or passage for me. Pretty spooky but I often think how cool it would be to be not just of this earth but to be an interdimensional citizen.

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Continue to take your meds.

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Yes, i saw something using a ouija board, which i understand the board itself is worthless, anything can be used at anytime.

so what they say is true, it’s just a piece of cardboard, but them, they make it more than just cardboard don’t they.

I have only used one one time, and am very much an unwilling participant in the whole thing, they just showed up one day and began to harm me repeatedly.

But some people brought over a ouija, and some tarot, they said “don’t go over the letters and numbers in order, it opens a doorway.” So, what do you think i did? I said “i don’t believe this stupid ■■■■, im doin it!”

A short time after doing that i saw some woman float by an inside window going into the kitchen, she wore very old type clothing and stared at me, she also didn’t appear to be physical if that makes sense, like light.

Also, the tarot cards were right about my true love, they just don’t tell you the definition of true love when they tell you, it’s a foul impure thing they are saying actually, it’s like saying your true drug. They were right though, my true love is the artist and they knew that by looking at the cards, or did something tell them?

Gotta keep reminding myself though, she’s just a drug, seek love and kindness and friendship, not drugs.

I’m Sz and I only hold a second hand interest in Ouija boards and tarot cards. My kid sis is NOT Sz and she does use Tarot Cards to help people.

Carl Jung used tarot cards as sort of an Ink blot theory. The cards relate to real life stuff, love, money, conflict, life cycle. My sis will pull out the cards for people. She’s pretty good I guess.

I listen to what people have to say and I say… “Your sad because your boyfriend is mean to you” but they don’t believe me… then my sis will do all the voodoo that she does with the cards and the person will just be “enlightened” and say… “I think I’m sad because my boyfriend is mean to me” :expressionless:

Well at least it dawned on them somehow.

As far a Ouija boards… we have one… We tried to use it and NOTHING happened. So my sis uses is as a novelty tea tray.

She reads all those books By Silver Ravenwolf and Guiley, Oberon Zell and that whole “Llewellyn World Wide” crowd and when I read them and they all go into long stints about the spirits in the mirrors and the elementals causing chaos in their house and then energy vortexes making the house sake and the animal spirits that transform into elementals and destroy all the happiness in your aura… and I just shake my head and think… Why am I the one on Antipsychotics again?

In Sept 1999 I had a very strange experience. I had a small home office in Atlanta with fax and other machines. I started sleeping and suddenly the telephone rang, this line was connected to my fax machine also. I typically did not answer phone calls, but the voice came and said ‘if you do not answer this call, you die’, I had some real pains on the left side of my chest. I got up and went to my room and answered the phone and realized a fax was coming. So it went to the fax machine and it was from SCIP, Society of Competitive Intelligence Professional. I do not know was it the God telling me to pick up the phone or did somebody use some secret neuron beam technology to communicate directly to my mind. Well, I did not die, but these are some very weird experiences.

I don’t believe that the board holds any sort of communication to the spirit world at all. If indeed there r spirits of the dead. I have had 2 experiences neither if which needed a board to make them happen. The first one was the smell of my grandad who had been dead for 6 years. It was so fresh it was like he’d just sat down next to me and the second was the first night we moved into a Victorian cottage. I saw a dense black shadow of a man glide down my hallway. It rattled the chain on the front door then vanished. I have a dead husband yet he has not communicated in any way. I don’t know y. Or even if that makes the experience with the smell of my grandad questionable. U would have thought that surely my husband would want to communicate right? But nothing. Not a sausage! The shadow man was real but whether it was human or not, I couldn’t say. I don’t claim to know what it was. I wish I knew but I don’t. As for spirits of the dead? If they r so real then where is my husband?

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I have 2 ouija boards and 4 or more tarot card decks in my room. The only odd thing around the boards was, one night I had a keyless entry remote in my hand and I reached for the curtain and dropped the remote. I never heard it hit the hardwood floor, nor anything else. I searched for a half hour in the very few places it might have gone, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Several times I went back and looked, but there just wasn’t anywhere it could have gone.
I gave up for a couple of weeks, then one day on a whim, I opened the door and saw it on the floor right were it should have been.

Tarot cards r ■■■■■■■■. If u dealt the same deck twice in a row u would get a completely different reading the scond time around. There is no mystical power that can foresee the future in a deck of cards. It’s shite. Complete and utter shite.

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