Ouija board

I have a Ouija Board coming on Thursday… Im going to use it contact the spirits and entities stalking me in my head… Do you believe it would work? Im going to do research tomorrow at the library of keeping me safe during the seance… This entity will learn Im the King of Purgatory …


i did one of those when i was 21 with some others it said something would happen to all of us, we thought it was rubbish.
the next night we all got arrested and put in jail for the night !
i think they are cool, but remember we all no good thoughts from bad. don’t act on the bad ones.
take care


I have two. Bought them at garage sales back in the late seventies. They have been in my house with me ever since.
No doubt they allowed a dark current to run through here, and I have seen things that made my hair stand on end and get the label SZ.
All this and I never even used them.
Beware what you invite over into this side, because they are not easy to make return to their time. You really can’t protect yourself from them either, no matter where you play with the board.

every time i’ve used one, nothing has happened and i mean nothing at all. i’ve heard stories though but dont believe in them.

I tried one once with a friend after our friend died because we all kept feeling him in the house. Nothing happened and we were disappointed. It just depends on if someone wants to say something I guess. Make sure you’re protected with a salt circle and white light, don’t want to summon anything, you just want to communicate

Some people brought one over once, they told me not to go over the letters in order and then the numbers in order, that it opens a doorway.

So i did it of course.

A short time after i was in the living room and i looked toward the kitchen and what appeared to be a woman floated by the window that seperated the kitchen area from where i was sitting.

I let out a big “aahhh!” and we freaked out but nothing happened.

She wore old clothes of some kind, i think they do that.

She didn’t walk though, she floated, and didn’t look physical at all.

A stark realization i had was this, there are no doorways, invitations are not needed, they are here right now and can do as they please.

A long time ago, when I was in a youth home, a group of us played with one. I directed the movement to spell out messages. People freaked out. It was funny as hell. I laughed and laughed at the superstitious fools, I’m even smiling now looking back.

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My sis got a ouija board mouse pad.

Our computer has been sending me messages… Sorry, that’s an error message. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, there is one in the house. Nothing what so ever happened when we tried it, so my sister uses it as a fun tea tray and freaks out some of the people who pop by.

I own one but I don’t think I have ever used it.

Thank you everyone for your input and stories… Hopefully I will get some answers when the ouija board get here on thursday…,.

Omg I have a ouji coming soon too!
Do whatever you think is best :3

I won’t do anything like this again. I got to use a pendulum to communicate with the spirits and it leaded to a full blown episode. Someone warned me and I didn’t listen. I think it is dangerous to us.

Unless you are an experienced Medium and actually know how to use it - I would steer far away from it

The responses I got from the chart and the pendulum gradually turned into voices. I never have any psychotic experience prior to that.

Yeah I used to use the Ouija board in the past. Mind you I was psychotic at the time and very delusional.
But even today during a more lucid time in my life, I would not mess with it