Quiet voices and messages: Does anyone hear accusatory voices and see messages in music, tv and movies?

I used to hear people on TV accusing me of rape. I have never touched a girl against her will and so I thought they accused me for it because I did it in a past life.
Now I am medicated but I still feel that one person might be watching me through her videos. What I feel is hard to be put in words, as I do not feel like being spied on but that if I watch videos of a specific person, she might be seeing me watching her.

Idea of reference deal with it all the time

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Yes I have experienced this off and on. I don’t listen to the radio or live TV since the entities/voices started and have continued to do so every since. This has not prevented them from interacting with other forms to relay messages to me like the textbooks I read or notes/etc. One may say this is all coincidence, but they have told me there are no coincidences all things happen for a reason.

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Watching TV used to be very interesting because I would see the eyes of the people changing colour regularly, from a vivid bright blue to almost neon green, to golden and reddish-gold, to reddish black and then completely all black, with blackened eye sockets too. I did think that someone was messing with my TV and was suspicious until I started seeing the same eye colour changes happening to people around me in real life, but sometimes to only half their faces. I felt the energy of another entity in those instances, which made it a bit hard to communicate sometimes because I didn’t know whether it was the person I was directing my conversation to sometimes or the entity/spirit superimposed over their face. I also had words morph into sigils/symbols and other languages on the TV and in any type or media, like books and magazines. These actually turned out to be real and relevant because they were sacred geometry (the building blocks of the entire universe) or actual ancient alphabets/languages like the Enochian alphabet and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, which I discovered when I researched some of what I’d been seeing. I think this was all partly due to a spiritual awakening, and the universe was trying to show me how we are all connected to everything.

I hear voices and messages but mine are not critical or negative. I see signs and deeper meanings and symbols all throughout the day but for me it’s reassuring I guess it feels good. Sometimes I’ll ask for signs and I always get them. My voices tell me they are spiritual guides and they talk to me all the time about spiritual things what reality is they help me guide me.

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I think because it’s not stressing out your brain, your voices may not be damaging your brain… I’m not sure though, it’s just a guess

True, when I’m home by myself often I’ll hear people walking around I hear footsteps doors close or hear the TV on. Sometimes that’s creepy but I’m rarely alone with family.

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Don’t be afraid to try an antipsychotic if, it gets more creepy (not saying it will but just in case) because there are journals out there that say the longer it is left untreated the harder it may become to treat once treatment starts.

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I often think people are trying to send me a message through the music they play. This has led to some rather unproductive conversations lol…

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Not anymore Ithink.

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