Messages from Tv and internet

Hi guys, recently i got this problem, i ve seen some “messages” in Youtube, it was like this: I was watching memes, most of them were about clorox., After that I watched some youtube videos and I seen a user called “clorox” and I get paranoid, But then i remembered that I ve seen that user a long time ago in other video and, of course, before the memes. So im not paranoid for now, I was just “sensible” to that stuff. Now I think something is wrong with my brain bcause I realized this reaction is exagerated. (Sorry for my bad english)

I used to thing the news people could see me and the show charmed was sending me messages

I still believe every Television and Data stuff is monitoring me. I can’t escape that feeling no matter where I go. Is there a TV there ok then it’s a camera there too my brain automatically decides.

I believe that my prayer book sends me messages directly from God. God himself is speaking to me directly out of the prayer book itself. He speaks about my personal life. Things that only I know about. It is not the author of the book talking but God himself. He tells me personal, intimate things about me and he guides, consoles and chastises me. This is a message “voice” that I recognize as God. If the voice is evil or makes me uneasy or anxious, then I know it is not God and is some other evil entity and I ignore it. I don’t believe this is a delusion but I believe this is a real spiritual phenomenon.

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Sounds like ideas/frames of reference. It’s a positive symptom.

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I looked a little bit about that, and that user “Clorox” was just a troll with a name usually used by trolls, I’m not paranoid anymore. I realized this because I was not the only one who felt paranoid when seeing this user, in another forum it was explained.

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