Quiet voices and messages: Does anyone hear accusatory voices and see messages in music, tv and movies?

Like other people are telling you something, and making you feel watched like you did something to provoke it? I think I hear quiet voices accusing me of things and alluding to things. I used to see messages directed at me in zodiacs, and on the radio, and in the news. I hear it in music and in movies now.


Yes,I have thought that certain songs and shows were on for my benefit. I think my music, TV and computer are all controlled to keep me from seeing the ‘real world’. They don’t accuse me of anything except to say that I brought all this on myself so we could learn about the human brain. It sucks to feel like there is an agenda involving you that you have no say in or control over.

It’s called ideas of reference. Yeah I deal with it on a regular basis. I feel like entities like God and demons use movies/songs/tv shows/books to communicate with me.


I see messages in mirrors sometimes. It’s kind of creepy. I’ve also recently had an accusatory voice who just keeps saying “You don’t love him” repeatedly. Sometimes I also think music has purposefully been played for me, like someone knew what was going on in my head and put the song on on purpose.


i think comedians on tv copy my behaviour and can see me through a spy cam. and i think songs on the radio repeat messages i sent to my friends. i dont know who’s behind it and why anyone would be after me. i dont think its my hacker friend and i dont think its the CIA so its a group of unknown people.

I’m not gonna hide and give them the reaction that they want… I’m just gonna act how I normally act like there’s nothing going on…

Don’t worry guys, nobody on TV can read your thoughts or know what your doing. Raen , don’t worry mate, nobody on TV even knows who you are, your privacy is all yours.


i guess nobody from TV can see you but in the past i was thinking that people from news can see me and laugh of me

Do u think TVs have hidden cams in them? I’ve always wondered about this…

in the last 2 or 3 months i didnt watch TV. i used to think in the past that my parents put hidden cams under the TV to watch me but it’s not true now i dont have such ideas anymore. i take meds now

Yes. I have that bigtime.

I get messages from God in prayer books, and magazines and from just about anywhere there is written text. But, mostly from my prayer books. He talks to me and guides, directs, soothes and chastises me. He speaks to my thoughts, feelings, actions, judgements, words, everything about me, in short. He tells me what to do and what not to do. He tells me when he is happy or unhappy with me. God is my very best friend in the world. And I can interact with him anytime that I choose. But, he is the one who ultimately makes the decision whether there is going to be an interaction. That’s fine with me. I can wait.
There is an alter ego. He sounds just like God. But, he is not God. He is either Satan or one of his demon angels. I’m not sure which. Anyway, he is negative, scary and nasty and doesn’t have anything nice or pleasant to say. He makes me anxious and uncomfortable. He threatens me with hell fire if I don’t change my ways. He scares me. He confuses me. If I find myself being confused in any way, then I know I’m not dealing with God but with Satan or his agent. So, I do my best to ignore him. If it really bothers me, I take it to Father in confession on Saturday morning so I can get advice.
Even though I’m posting this here, I don’t believe my experience is a psychotic one. I firmly believe that it is spiritual in nature. And my caregivers including my pdoc, who is Hindi, believes me. That’s how great my God is.


My therapist doesn’t deny me either. He says “I can’t say that it isn’t true because I don’t know if it’s true or not.” He is very compassionate and empathetic. He believes in Collective Consciousness like I do.


All of this is the reason why I quit listening to music with lyrics. Its also the reason I quit watching T.V. and movies and quit going to karaoke. I would get messages from all of these mediums. For some reason I can read novels without any trouble. And, I can get on the computer with no trouble, most of the time, anyway. The Bible is the worst in the way of ideas of reference for me. I can’t read the Bible at all. Especially the Old Testament. My Catholic prayer books seem to be a source of messages from God. But, this I don’t think is real ideas of reference. I think this is true messages from the real God. God is just too right on target for it not to be real in this medium.

I’m not in any position to deny your beliefs, so I won’t. For myself, I focus on keeping the paranoia and anxiety down as much as possible. Meds help with that along with keeping psychosis at bay. My beliefs haven’t budged much, though, and I am grateful my tdoc doesn’t argue with them.

yeah, I can get unintended messages from pretty much anything: music, television shows, movies, pictures, etc. Instrumental music is okay for me though. :slight_smile:


I smashed a tv twice in my life and no there’s no cameras it’s a trickery with mirrors just pray for protection from it I quit for 2 years now it’s alll garbage my kids won’t be watching that bs now a days

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I hope you get feeling better

Yes. In my case, I’ve even heard aggressive voices within instrumental music. It was like it became lyrical but seemingly only I could hear it. Terrifying experience.

I am scared every day wondering what ‘they’ are going to do to me. It sucks.