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I’m doing great! I’ve been doing great all year. I’ve been stable for over 2 years now and I got fully vaccinated. I’m ready to go back to work but I don’t have enough references to get a job so I’m stuck living with my dad and getting SSI. Even if I got a job I’d still have to live with my dad because I heard my medication Invega Sustenna costs $1,000 a month! So I couldn’t afford housing, groceries and Invega Sustenna too.


İn turkey its about 250 dollars.so i think prices its depends on country but in turkey also 1500 lira

Maybe inquire about Medicaid along with your SSI? To help afford the Invega Sustenna?

“In most States, if you are an SSI recipient, you may be automatically eligible for Medicaid”


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Thanks, I didn’t know about that.

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I used to be on invega. I’m taking abilify now and the generic version is only $50. No one told me I found out randomly one day by chance lol so maybe check it out idk

My psychiatrist wants me to take Invega Sustenna so that’s what I take.

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True true that’s good

I don’t know what country you are in but in the U.S. it costs about $2500 for a once a month jab. I know because I went a month without insurance and was going to pay out of pocket for that month until I discovered just how expensive it was. Fortunately my pdoc gave me a sample she had.

I’m in the U.S.

Maybe it depends on the dosage you get too. I don’t remember what my dosage was because I switched to abilify about a year ago.


Yeah, definitely apply for medicaid. Invega sustenna is way too expensive to pay for on your own.

How are you getting your shot paid for now?

My insurance pays for it.

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