Hello people new on here. Could you
Be so kind to give me your views on how this drug has made you feel in treating your positive and negative symptoms? And how long you’ve been on it. Regards m.

I’ve been on Seroquel for 2 years. It is a relatively weak antipsychotic and has only a mild effect on my positive symptoms, even at the max dosage.

However, it does have a very sedating effect that calms me and helps me sleep. But because of its sedative effects, in can appear to worsen negative symptoms, causing lack of motivation, slowed speach, and cognitive impairments at high doses.

Its ok as an adjuvant (added to another) treatment, but certainly not very effective as a stand-alone treatment for positive symptoms.




I’ve been on quetiapine for 2 or 3 months. I don’t know how well it works for positive symptoms because I already mostly stopped having any before I switched to it. But for my negative symptoms it seems to have done nothing really. It did help me sleep really well for a month or so but that has worn off now too. For me though, it does have the advantage of no real side effects other than restless legs for a couple hours after I take it.

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The last time I took quetiapine (Seroquel), my ideas of reference and pseudohallucinations became much worse, and I also had difficulty breathing. Given those effects, I refused to take the medication for more than a day.

There is little doubt in my mind that most people with schizophrenia won’t respond to quetiapine as badly as I did, for if others with schizophrenia responded as I did, I doubt the medication would even be considered to be an antipsychotic. But sometimes bad reactions to medications can happen.

I have been taking it for several years now, and it is my favourite med. It helps you sleep and helps for anxiety. Without it I am a wreck! You never know how a med will work for you until you try it. They work differently for everyone.

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Sorry to hear that shadow. I guess we all are different and when it come to medication it effects us in diffrent ways

Yes, I think you’re right. I think that it’s unlikely that there are many others who would respond to quetiapine in the same way that I did.

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I take Seroquel with Geodon. I like it. It controls my symptoms without the hellish side effects.

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Seroquel was the first antipsychotic I was put on when I saw a pdoc for the first time in 2002 when I had my first breakdown. I took it for about three months, but it didn’t help me much. It made me sleepy and gave me a dry mouth. When I was hospitalised the second time my meds were switched.

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Seroquel has been the best med ive been on,

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What way would you say it helps you?

I have had Qutiapine for more than a year. It really helps me to sleep at night. Not every night though, I also use Zopiclone.

I have no drowsyness in the morning or during the day after.

well it does sedate me but it help me sleep and controls the anxiety.

I have been taking quetiapine fumarate for a couple months after I was taking Olanzapine. At first I started taking it during the day. But people at work said I looked tired or not alert. So I was supposed to take it at night anyway. So I started taking it at night. After a while, I really felt like I was not taking any medication at all compared to the Olanzapine. Now I take a pill in the morning and a pill at night because I felt too free to do whatever. Don’t know if I answered your question or not. Because I forgot what the question was.