Is Quetiapine (Seroquel) the Right Option for me?

Hi everyone,

For those who read my last thread, you’ll know that my main issues right now are cognitive related and racing thoughts etc. I go to the prodrome clinic once a weej and the psychiatrist there prescribed me 50mg Quetiapine, but the only studies that have researched the efficacy of low-dose antipsychotics on the schizophrenia prodrome (and have been positive) haven’t included Quetiapine. I’ve found one for Risperidone and Aripiprazole and I think there may be more, but not Quetiapine. Quetiapine may help sleep, but that’s not my main issues right now - my main issues are going blank, complete lack of attention, focus drifting from one thing to the next etc…

Besides, I’ve read many reports that Quetiapine isn’t even that effective against positive symptoms, and in low doses, its pharmacological action isn’t antipsychotic, so shall I ask if I can start on a low dose of Risperidone instead or one of the other researched antipsychotics on the prodrome state?

Any input much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

I take Seroquel and it is very effective against hypomania which is what you sound like you have with your racing thoughts. I would highly recommend it. I take 200 mg at bedtime. It has the added benefit of helping me sleep too.

Thanks for your reply @Anonaccount

It’s strange because it doesn’t feel like hypomania - sometimes I’m the opposite and just have no motivation to do anything at all - even doing my online grocery shopping is overwhelming and feels like a big deal.

Would Quetiapine help with disorganisation symptoms?

Your pdoc should be able to explain to you why he or she is prescribing quetiapine vs one of the other drugs studied in the prodrome. There’s probably a reason, but they should be able to explain it to you and make you comfortable with the reasons behind the decision. It’s fair for you to ask, you are being an informed consumer.

Antipsychotics slow down processing speed, meaning they will help with racing thoughts. 50mg Seroquel is not yet an antipsychotic dose. I take 400mg xr in the evening, that is just half of my meds. 200mg seroquel is the dose for schizophrenia. 200-800 is where you are getting antipsychotic action.

Ah I see @eduvigis. Do you think that 50mg could work as a maintenance dose to help prevent slipping into psychosis? Because I think that’s the intention…

@twinklestars, unfortunately the pdoc I saw was a temporary one - I was meant to see someone else but they were off sick I think. I think the person I saw has now left the clinic for the time being. Maybe she wasn’t as skilled in treating the prodrome? Either way, I’m still undecided on whether to request a different medication (which would take a while) or to just give Quetiapine a go…

I’m really not qualified to say what would be suitable. But if you’re not comfortable with the medication, you can call, tell the nurse you’re not taking it yet because you have questions, and ask to have the new doctor speak to you. Usually, if it involves patients not taking meds, they will call you back and answer a question or two. I wouldn’t wait for a new appointment though.

I don’t know anything about the prodrome to tell you how much would be the right dose. For some the onset of psychosis is acute while for others it is insidious. For some it is florid while others are easily able to ignore it or function.

Risperidone can cause breast enlargement and even lactatation in men, so I avoided that one.

I found Abilify (Aripoprozole) worked better than Quetiapine, but I reacted badly to it.

So I’m now on Olanzapine on 15mg, but Olanzapine (Zyprexa) doesn’t suit everyone and is known for it’s magical weight gaining properties…

Have you thought of getting a DNA test done to see which Antipsychotic would suit your genetic makeup the best?

I was on Seroquel for years at 1200 mg. It works against the positive symptoms but it’s very sedating and made me gain a lot of weight. I came off of it slowly but it still caused withdrawal symptoms. I would have panic attacks all day. Geodon and Latuda worked much better as I had no side effects and lost 70lbs. That combination also helped my negative symptoms. Good luck :sunny:

I have Quetiapine 200 mg. And Abilify 25 mg.

Good sleep is the key for a healthy life. If you sleep better at night, maybe your mind slows down during the day.

I can’t fall asleep without my meds. My mind goes into hyperdrive after 10 PM if I have not taken my meds. I don’t have any whole thoughts, just pieces of thoughts.

If it is the right med for you? Nobody knows until you try it. Everyone is different and needs a different combo and dose.