Does anybody use this medication?

How has your body responded to it and for how long?

I’m beginning to get annoyed with the akithisia I get from aripiprazole and worried about the impulsive side of it. I don’t use it regularly because of this and so I’m concerned that I’m setting myself up for a psychotic break.

I didn’t get akathisia or nausea from Abilify. I think everyone has different body chemistry. I recommend Latuda since you’re doing well sometimes without meds and well on Abilify. I read that its a weaker antipsychotic so should cause less negative symptoms. I was prescribed Quetiapine for sleep along with Zyprexa. I was eating and sleeping a LOT.

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I got a lot of akathisia from Abilify and Quetiapine has worked great for me.

Have you had excess sleep? How about any weight gain?

I don’t like this. It worked for me but with lots of side effects. Heavy weight gain. Lethargy, sleepiness while driving. I was constantly bumping people from the back while i dosed off. My doc switched to Geodon and now I am not foggy nor tired all the time.

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Thankyou. I’m going to look into this, I had forgotten about it.

Some people have trouble with Quetiapine, but it has always had a very mild effect on me. I barely know I’m taking it.

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It was fine for me. I do not still take it, either way that is probably okay.

What do you mean you don’t take it?

Qutiapine is one of the finest antipsychotics out there with very few side effects with the exception of two witch are sleepiness and weight gain. I gained 26 pounds in a period of 6 years and the last two years I have lost 20 pounds. I also sleep very well on it. I take it specially for alcohol addiction because it makes it impossible to get drunk. So I rearly drink a beer.

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Been on it over 25 years. Its my goto wonder drug, and i been on it so long i dont notice any side affects.

Interesting. I still manage to get off my face on it - when ive fallen off the wagon.

I sleep 1 - 2 hours longer. I’ve noticed maybe a little weight gain but I work out so it doesn’t make me fat. But I know a lot of weight gain is often reported. For me though, I gained a lot on Zyprexa and little or nothing on Quetiapine.

I’ve been on quetiapine a few times with doses ranging from 300-800 mg. Never did anything much for me. Pretty mild on my body. I didn’t gain weight so that was nice.

quetiapine was the first med i was ever on. only 50 mg and i slept for 20 hours the first day. thinking back i wonder if my doc was giving me such a low dose to see if i actually had symptoms. because 50 mg quetiapine is too low to have any effect on psychsosis. unless they just prescribe random meds starting from the lowest dose. the med i was put on after that was olanzapine and thats when i saw results

I gave quetiapine to my pet toad thing is he didn’t seem any better. Guess you cant turn ■■■■ into gold.

I took quetiapine when I was still in the period of finding the best medication

It gave me sleepiness, and then when I came off it I had insomnia for a few days till things returned to normal

I gained 90 pounds in a year when I was on quetiapine. Never again!!!