Do you like seroquel?

What dosage do you take? are you reading books? How do you feel?

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i hate to admit it, but seroquel was the worst drug i ever took, by far.

i felt like i was on h ard drugs. it was awful.

i am quite happy on abilify.


I liked quetiapine, but i had to stop it after about a year when it started giving me tachycardia

What dosage do you take and is it possible to be intellectually active on this med?

Seroquel usually blankets the mind in calm and slows it down. I wouldn’t think it would be the best med intellectually speaking. But if it calms positive symptoms, that will help you overall @mylovelyengland.

I love it and it is a great med for me. Kills my psychosis and makes me smarter.

Depends on the person. I can’t handle abilify whilst others can.

I’m reading books on 900mg

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No, I did not like Seroquel at all. Wimpy medicine - just not strong enough, even at 800 mg, to knock out the positive symptoms.

What do you recomend if I want be intellectually active?

I think I would qualify as “intellectually active” (I’m in university and do research), and I’m on seroquel and latuda. A really great combination.

I have taken Seroquel for over 10 years now, and it by far works better than any other medication for me. I am on 800mg, and I read books. It is amazing how for some people certain medications work great, and for others they are not very good at all.

I recommend Latuda. Research show it’s the best as far as cognitive abilities, slow weight gain and high energy. Latuda has no histamine receptor effect which has to deal with weight gain, sleepiness and concentration. It also lacks anticholergenic effect which means it won’t give you memory issues

Seroquel is very sedating, and has to be given at high dosages before it even acts as an antipsychotic. If someone were normally very wound up, then that sedating effect could probably lead to an even keel feeling. But if you already struggle for energy, mental or otherwise, then it might suck.

What is minimum dosage of seroquel? I take abilify as well

I take 400 mg X 2 daily along with 80 mg X 2 daily Geodon. I can’t really feel any effect of this drug. If it has any effect, it calms me down, which makes it easier to read. It also probably keeps me more level headed in my thinking.

I was on 600mg and got the PDoc to lower it to 400mg, so I could continue my studies!

I found it didn’t really have a effect on my positive symptoms, so had to after several other meds go back on Olanzapine(ZYPREXA)! I found it took a long time to re-become tolerant to it and it’s possibly helped my symptoms, but there’s no way to tell!

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