Quetiapine users - how you deal with drowsiness?

Hi, i recently switched meds to haldol depot and quetiapine 300mg a day medication and found myself after 10hrs sleep at night and i go to sleep again for 6 hours. And during the day i hardly do anything besides laying on bed or going for a smoke. I am currently working so i just jug tons of coffee at work to stay awake. How you deal with day timr drowsiness?

I just sleep it

Yeah, i mean dont you feel useless becausr of it like i do?

300 mg quetiapine at night and 25mg twice a day here. I need at least 12 hours sleep on the stuff and plenty of decent coffee. You will get a tolerance after a while tho - so you wont always feel so sleepy.

Thanks for that, how long does it take constant drowsiness to subside? Few months? Cause im on quetiapine for 2 months and only 1 month after my mania subsided

Depends on your metabolism i suppose. Took me about 6 months before the 300mg night dose didnt compleletly knock me out, but i was drinking on them as well at the time - so probably sooner.

Its a great drug in my opinion - the anti-depressant effects are a bonus.

Thank you for your response, i feel better that drowsiness will subsidr over time. I am also a sufferer of Major Depressive Disorder so quetiapine does wonders towards that i dont need any AD class medication

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