Questions about sarcosine

Does sarcosine cure anhedonia caused by risperdal and does it work properly I’m taking risperdal consta and what dose of sarcosine should I take at one

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No, it doesn’t seem to cure anhedonia from my experience. Check out this link to see Sarcosine vs placebo added to Risperidone chart. It appears to have some effect on negatives if you go by this.:

Dosage is also covered on this page.

What about tmg and risperdal together

Do you take risperdal and have you cured your anhedonia while being on risperdal or meds

I do not take risperdal. I take Abilify. And no, I have not found any cure for sz related anhedonia as of yet. Some people think the cure might be dopamine enhancing drugs, but these are likely to increase risk of psychosis.

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Dopamine stimulants don’t work for me but do antipsychotics block endorphins maybe I’m looking to get codeine or drink wine

Do antipsychotics block endorphins?

I’m not sure. They mostly block dopamine and serotonin receptors I think.