Sarcosine has possible reverse lamictal induced psychosis from 2008

I am off sarcosine 1 grams 3 times a day, for a month now and i still feel it has improved my psychosis and schizophrenia

i highly recommend someone with a lamictal induced psychosis only from 25 mg to try this with his anti psychotic but not with an anti psychotic causing tachardya side effects because i had bad experience with seroquel with Glycine, but i ditched the seroquel and only took abilify depot 400 mg clonazepam 1 mg twice and sarcosine from brainvitaminz. however i had to quit it after a month and half, it was still effective, but i had my inner ■■■■■ vibrations, (not prostate) random each and every hour

i even have met a nice girlfriend, she’s kind and loving

i guess i owe it to myself and sarcosine for improving my symptoms… I had some help from God i’m 100% sure of this.

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Did you experience sexual side effects on the Abilify?

I’m down to 200mg and still experiencing, although it could be the left over invega still in system…

Congratulations on the girlfriend.

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good to hear. i’ve been taking it in 00 capsules for like 3 weeks as of late

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yes, i have sexual side effects from abilify, but they arent that bad like as from risperidone

i think i had zero sexual side effects from geodon but that one gave me dystonia ten years ago : c