Question. The reality of voices?

Did anyone ever meet any of the voices they hallucinated?

My SZ is mainly visual. That is apparently a rare thing in the SZ community? Yes, they have distinct faces/bodies & personalities.

Odd question but in any situation are they actually real, human beings having a go? because I am always certain that all of them are. I’m told I’m wrong here and that I am the only one aware of them.

Will I give you an example?

In a dream once. Was pretty ■■■■■■ up. Guy tried to kill me. “My name is ERIC BERMUDA”

Actual schizophrenia myself unfortunately, ERIC, I can’t really talk about it to anyone, in reality.

I think you have to be careful giving out names on this site.

I’ve never talked to anyone about what I truly believe to be my problem from the start.

That was the name of the voice, not my name.

Which is what? fifteen characters

Sinister at the back of it all. Have you read Dr Bloodmoney. How they got on after the bomb. PKD

i dont think my voice(s) have a body. its like a thing that possess all and every body there is.

I believe all of the F****** are real myself.

In Dr. Bloodmoney the character apparently has the ability to drop the BOMB, “All his fault!” etc.


Voices can seem convincing. They seem to know your inner most secrets and desires. But they will never tell you anything real. Its best to keep the voices to yourself.

I know otherwise section.

.I havent talked to myself tonight thanks to this forum I guess. Thanks.

I think I started reading that. Still have it sitting a box.

Wish I could see this conversation through.

(Voices aren’t real by the way. They are part of your mind)

I’ve never been convinced that they arent real, I have to admit. That’s all I seem to hear on a pro basis, I guess.

Involuntary admittance apparently where I am.