How realistic and convincing are your voices?

Sometimes I’m not sure whether my voices are a symptom of schizophrenia or just real people telepathically communicating with me.

For the most part, my voices are realistic enough to be real people. They talk coherently, they are intelligent, and they react to situations in believable ways. They have personalities that correspond pretty well to their real-life personalities (my voices are mostly real friends/acquaintances/celebrities).

What isn’t really realistic about them is that they rarely talk about themselves, and they never tell me facts/trivia I don’t already know.

How realistic and convincing are your voices?

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Usually they are obviously fake but at times they are so realistic that I’ll think its another person in the room.

Very realistic. Feels like two people are just sitting on my brain.

Somewhat realistic… They have very basic personalities, like the one is just a horrible jerk who tells me bad things, but sometimes they surprise me with their self-awareness. They actually admit to being voices in my head, but they argue that just because they’re not real, that doesn’t make their points less valid. I rarely hear them any more, but they are pretty nasty when they come in.

Mine are very very realistic.

So realistic they know where to find things when i don’t know where to look, who will win the superbowl twice before it happens and one of these times two weeks before it was played, can crack a joke using the time when i had no idea what time it was, and also told me i was schizophrenic in third grade many years before psychosis.

I can still remember it. I smelled the lunch and got dizzy and stopped running and someone says “you know, schizophrenics smell things that aren’t there.”

One morning they were trying to explain other dimensions by way of using a tree as a metaphor.

yeah they are realistic sometimes.

whispers lots of whisper the whispery voices that make you confused.

Mine are pretty stupid. They have about 5 things they say on their own, otherwise they just repeat me or make accusations based on my thoughts. I’m so tired of it I’m glad they are slowly fading away.

Mine are mostly a mumble. But I can tell if they approve or disapprove of what I think by their tone of voice after I think something.

That sounds -really- weird.

Thanks for the reply!

Mine r very realistic. They have distinct personalities but tow the party line in what they say to me. Ie: they come out with exactly the same lines as eachother. They r obviously splinter personalities but they r very realistic but sometimes their voices will morph into mine halfway through a word or morph into a different voice completely. They’ve been nearly silent for about a week and today because I turned on some music they came back full force. I probably won’t sleep tonight bcoz of it. But yes, completely realistic.

There was one in particular that was very active and real to me. He was the only thing I spoke to for a long time. I’m very glad I don’t hear him anymore. He would try to incite me to do bad things.

My voices all have personas like yours as well. They’re not anyone I know though. They give me fantastic life advice that I just feel like I could have never come up with on my own, and they answer every question about myself I ask them, like why I feel a certain way, or how I should cope with a certain situation. God (one of my voices) doesn’t tell me things like what other people are thinking or secret things about them because it’s “not my place to know.” Which honestly I agree with. I’m fine with the help they’ve provided me all these years!

Honestly it would be too painful to think of them as not real.

Mine are very realistic and come in male or female voices. they are intelligent, mean and abusive, they usually sound their opinion with me having risperdal or not

mine mimic the voices of people in my life, and literally will copy the last voice i hear to the t. they mimic the personality of people and family in my life as well, making jokes the same way they do. i thought it was cia technology for the longest time because it was just so good. one night my entire family were literally in my head praying for me so i could join the free masons because i hadnt chosen to be christian (religion is not something i ever ever thought about) and each family members voices was exact imperfections and all. every voices is avid that they are communicating to me through telepathy and that i was molested as a kid so my instincts in my head would seperate off from my regular brain and somehow id be psychic. every voice claimed to be the person i recognized the voice to be

yeah i had family and friends, all exactly the same as their real voices were. couldn’t tell the difference. now i know they come from my memory. i even had neighbours voices too, indistiguishable from the real ones.

isnt that wierd? i wish they could study that phenomenon. im greatful my voices were family members because the voices kept me company thats why i didnt seek helpf or like a month was just believing what they said.

i couldnt imagine having strangers voices in your head

guess they must come from memories of their voices…quite how they form coherrent sentences though, i do not know. mine had an agenda, a specific one and it wasn’t nice so i’m glad they’ve faded into the background now. they are still there but mainly silent now.

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Before this last year, very realistic, painfully insulting and fear causing and hard to ignore.

This past year… growing quieter and more benign and silly.

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i have aliens talking to me all the time, by the way i should say i am an alien too.
they are very informative, helpful…although their sense of humour needs some work…
…they don’t quite get sarcasm…!?!
take care
p.s i used to have, for about 30 years, only negative demonic voices talking or screaming at me…it was fun !!!..they are still on holiday…good for them…hope they are getting a good sun tan !

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Yeah it’s really weird. I have a milder version of hearing voices. It’s more like thoughts that occur to me that seem foreign. It will be like a navigation of experiences, and I’ll need advice. I will ask myself something, and hear a voice in response that says “I don’t trust this person get away from him.” And If I don’t listen to that intuition, I will end up suffering as a result of the abuse, because what I hear is a very sharp intuition. I never fully trust what I do hear, but I’m not just crazy and what I feel and think does have a lot of truth and reality to it.