What if the people who talk to you are real?

What if the people who talk to you are real and know they are real? And although Sz is a tragic disease you wish you had it so these voices would not be real. Having Sz. would make their comments and ability to mind read less potent. Would you wish to be sane with real people harassing you mind reading you or have an illness where these symptoms occur.

The people that talk to me r real people both in the UK and America but I don’t believe I have a telepathic relationship with them. We all know how debilitating voices r so it would b the same for them. Even worse in fact as they r on the attack all the time. Nah the people couldn’t think straight in their own lives if it was telepathy proper. Think about it. Their voices would have to b completely seperate from their thinking, their feelings, their sight, their imagination. How would they cope with work and hearing ur voice and seeing through ur eyes, feeling what u feel, hearing what u hear. Nah, I don’t belive that they could cope and have a successful career at the same time. They’d also have to do it in their sleep and u know as well as I do that if u hear them in ur dreams it wakes u up…so how would they sleep? Nah. Don’t believe the hype my friend. It’s just ur mind playing tricks on u. Xxx

Having real people mind reading you is enough to drive anyone insane. If you knew they were real you wouldn’t want to think anything.

I’ve never doubted they were real and are harassing me. This is real.
But long before it had to become real, things went on that weren’t real and the two combined. Who cares what is on the left and what is on the right?
Still have 2feet in two worlds.

Like the guff has a limited amount of souls, there’s only a limited amount of brain frequencies. And the psychic realm knowing no distance variables, those who share the same frequencies are like room mates in a room too small. So they drive each other crazy… wanting the other to give up, and give them their space.

Nature intended it to be a “conscience”, which is what it wound up being. Two or more people communing psychicly. But our attitudes towards knowing have changed… and now consciousness is merely a competition at who can be the most incapable to live with. We don’t find bad things anymore with the notion of avoiding them. Now they’re our religions. Misery… Our friend because we’re tougher than it is.

Just fiction…

The people that i hear sound so much like real life. Their personalities and their comments are real and i know my mind could not come up with such comments. It would be sad if they were not real. Although I would be very happy. I am having too many embarrassing and mortifying thoughts and having someone cause them and hear them makes things unbearable.

The voices are from your brain. The disease schizophrenia causes them, you know, the subject of this forum.

Schizophrenia, an ailment true malvok, but you are wrong as to the causes of it which they, whomever they be, have proven to me are not a simple malfunction of the mind.

They have physically harmed me twice while whomever appeared.

And also make me get up and look at the clock at the same times repeatedly, like 333(the fourth kind), and 444, and 3.

It’s not no one doing that!

444/666= .66666666666

Truth is im being murdered, and they call it a disease! Some know, some don’t. It’s rather odd though, the ones who think it’s a disease don’t even give a fuq even though they think it’s a horrible chronic disorder.

I hate them the most, “you have an awful disease for the rest of your life”, what they should be saying is “you have an awful disease and i don’t give a dam about you in anyway”, their logic contradicts, it’s why they can’t stay put and don’t want to be treated the way they treat others.

But even the ones who know, they are still just as bad, it’s the same old shyte with them also, some even try to claim i deserve it and then say cruel and unusual punishment is off limits, make up your goddam mind you idiot machine of flesh!