Question on hallucinations/disillusion

I’ve been having some strange experiences with this. For example, I will be walking and won’t see anyone to the side of me but in my mind, I feel like there is someone next to me. We end up having conversations about all kinds of subject matters.

However, I can’t see this person and only assume what he looks like from his voice and gestures. Sometimes, I can sort of feel him. Most of the time, it is feeling his presence.

Is this the very coinage of my brain? Or, is this something else?

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I don’t have an answer, but a lot of what I experience is feelings that are basically impossible to explain.

Like there are the five senses, and there are emotions, and thoughts. Different ways of using the word “feel”.
I feel the breeze. (sense)
I feel sad. (emotion)
I feel that this would be a good idea. (thought)

And there is a 4th one.
I feel someone here.

And that 4th one seems to be the one that most other people don’t seem to have.

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Oh man, that’s embarrassing. I meant delusions.

I kinda know what you mean with the 4th one. Feeling someone’s presence. Sometimes it feels like they are watching you or right behind you. I don’t know if that is what you meant.

I find that I interesting because I usually see things out of the corner of my eye even if I know they aren’t there. It recently took the form of me happening to be looking at the object while I am taking a drink and the object fell from the ceiling and I thought it was going to fall on me and my dogs who I also thought was in the room with me. It turns out I wasn’t under the thing and my dogs weren’t even in the room thank goodness.

Yes, watching, and behind me is the usual scenario, but not always.

I just have no idea how to explain it to people, it’s like there are some things for which there are no words.

Like there will be no thought, no thought like “someone is there”. And I won’t physically feel anything. But some part of me that I don’t have a word for, actually feels it, it’s like a 6th sense sort of concept, but that’s still impossible to explain.

Then I typically start to have the anxiety response. I usually get the anxiety plus I get very cold/chilled. It totally sucks, I feel haunted or something.

Anyway just wondering if you get that part at all, as far as “feeling” them, even if there is no communication?


I get you. It is sort of like when you are sitting in a classroom and even if it is silent, you know there are people behind you. It is hard to explain. Sometimes it sends chills down my spine, but sometimes it also comforts me. I have communicated with the presences though. Some of them answer back like voices while others say nothing. Still, it can be very very creepy.

Interesting. I get things out of the corners of my eyes also. For example, sometimes when I am walking, I’ll see another person walking beside me, but when I turn, no one is there. Do you ever get objects getting transformed by your mind? Today I saw a banana peel and saw it first as a snake which caused me to jump up and run. Then, I realized I was running from a banana. Darn bananas! :banana: :banana: :banana:

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Before an increase in invega I used to have a bear or a dog called bear that I felt by my left leg. It was very comforting and I begged not to have him taken away with more medicine. Alas, the dose went up. Not all hallucinations are bad or scary in my experience. It’s just the ones that are scary are very very scary.

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I think I’ve had things like transform in my mind. When I hallucinated within my own mind I could see lights drawing out pictures and shapes and they would rotate in my mind until I named it or what was going on, then I would come back to reality and they would disappear for awhile.

Yeah I look at the things from the corner of my eye too and they disappear. Always disappearing something is. Haha look at me I sound like Yoda.

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Agreed. If only they were all nice :frowning: . However, I’ll take the good ones while I can!

This is actually just a myth. There are many more senses.

Well you’re lucky on that note… my voices just pester me constantly about what they don’t like about what I’m doing…

A question for you… you don’t have to answer… but do you feel alone in life?.. it might be what keeps the hallucination coming back…

cause I know I am and thats how mine work… except for the god nuisance voices that speak from the heterochristianormative perspective… those ■■■■■■■ won’t quit… hahah I just roll with it now… let them bitch nag and be pissed… it gets me off…

I created a friendly little entity that just kind of sits and smiles at me… though I do piss it off and leaves me for a while… keeping it happy is a good guide to how I feel about what I’m doing… supercedes the desire to changes in the face of the voices…

subvert the subversion…

:coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee: :smoking:

Like that @Sharp?
Some hallucinations are the playing of our mind which may happen to anyone. Read Oliver Sacks “Hallucinations”…

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It amazes me what the brain can do… and when it glitches out… what I end up seeing and feeling.

When I was younger… I was convinced it was other beings trying to contact me… or that I was able to psychically connect with others and that’s why I felt and saw what I did.

But now I know it’s all short circuiting. There were some times that I was seeing very solid people who were never there… I could hear them… see them… smell the cigarette they were smoking… it was embarrassing to later find out that was all in my head.

Now it’s things out of the corner of my eye… a glimpse… a hint of someone. I just have to ignore it.

Good luck and be patient with yourself :v:

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I see faces everywhere. It scares me and pisses me of. But i have to accept them. They wont go away. My second relapse i was talkin with a man. I could see him clearly. Thank goodness he is gone

I guess I am lonely mind-wise. I do have a few close friends but the rest of people don’t even feel real sometimes.

I find it difficult to socialize with others when I am being talked at by more negative voices. The sensation one I mentioned above is strangely comforting. It is like when you are talking about something and everyone kinda ignores you. I kinda look to the side, feel him there, give him a look, and he responds with a “I know, man.” Similar to how you feel when you and your friend are sending signals across a classroom or hallway.

I don’t know if I want him to go at all. I mean, he is the only nice one there it seems. At least he actually likes me. I want to keep that.

They did something evil to those cats with cucumbers to trigger those reactions. Only a psychopath would do that.

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I suppose that it is an automatic evolutionary reaction of defending against predators. Probably it is perceived by them as a snake. That is my assumption. Thereby by I found it suitable re topic about the stuff you were writing about with @Sharp… but these people doing that to their cats still remain mean…

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I’m glad you agree.

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