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I know the “high dopamine” theory for schizophrenics, but can you be happy when you have a high amount of dopamine in your system? Or is it all based on serotonin?


Idk I personally think there’s a basal amount of dopamine required for serotonin to fluctuate to the point where u get happy- I also think there’s a prerequisite for glutamate to be released before this. Most ap’s limit so much dopamine that this isn’t possible…

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I think dopamine is associated with the pleasure centers of the brain, but it can also make you psychotic.

It’s not only responsible for pleasure, but also motivation and drive.

I think when you have high dopamine you feel really good. High confidence and a overall sense of well-being. I’ve been told that getting high on stimulants floods your brain with dopamine. So the motivation and drive thing makes sense too, on drugs like that people do all sorts of stuff like clean their house or talk incessantly or just act all wired and over-energetic. And when you’re on speed at least, you’re basically psychotic. At least that’s what a doctor told me once.


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